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  1. Great review thanks! I'm an older new rider and I'm considering this or the street 500 as an entry into the Harley family which would you recommend? Thanks

  2. i love mine
    i added a walmart stock mirror to the left side with longer stem. i also cut the foot brake and re welded it so its up more instead of flat. i do wish it had abs brakes tho but it will stop ok when down shifting. i added a windshield and a white fur seat cover. seat made my azz sweat now its perfect and stands out. along with carriage rack. engine guard was the first thing i added. i added skulls and red tie downs plus canvas saddle bags. the bigger bags were just to much. added the palm accelerator now my hands do not tingle as much. cell phone holder thinking of raising the handle bars a little or cruiser pegs. i do not like riding freeways since the bikes so light. city riding is just awesome. the fan does not come very much. im still like the stock muffler but probably will change that after acouple summers. i like it quiet. makes a nice little cruiser and great on gas too boot. harley was right choice for me and the cost was the highlight. its got balls and im right there with everyone when i want to be.

  3. Hiya, Get the Tallboy Seat P/N: 52000124.  And these guys are prob the cheapest around http://www.surdyke.com about $160'ish. it's lucky you don't live in the UK as these things cost twice as much. I just had to buy myself one in the UK, they are £180 = $240. Please check-out my channel I have a number of videos to do with this bike.

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