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  1. Nice! I bought my first bike in Feb this year a 2015 moto guzzi v7 and put 6300 miles on it. Thinking of trading up at a local Harley dealer to the fat bob, street bob or wide glide´╗┐

  2. Hey Dave,
    Currently ride a Yamaha R1 and looking to get something more comfortable for me and the wife. Would you say the Fat Bob makes a good touring bike? Also how does it ride with 2 up in general? Thanks.´╗┐

  3. Decided im gonna go with the fat bob. Do you know how much money you need to put down to get started with? also any recriminations on wich exaust i should get? thanks´╗┐

  4. This would be my HD if I was going that route. Just a straight up kick ass bike is what I like, no bells and whistles. Currently own a 14 Honda CB1100 which is a straight up naked simple motorcycle. This is in my future though down the road.´╗┐

  5. wait till you add vance and hines slips ons and roland sands filter. mine is 100% more of a pleasure now and loved it before…!´╗┐

  6. Enjoy ! I'have the in France and it Will be the same pleasure when i turn ignition. No "moustache bar" for me but an Stan & Vince for the pleasure of noise´╗┐

  7. The term "upgrading" humors me. It's as if we're talking about a faster clock speed on a computer. What exactly is a motorcycle "upgrade?"
    Plenty of sub $10k Asian bikes will run rings around a Harley, does that make them an upgrade? Your former Sporty had bags and a windscreen. Arguably, for touring, it's a better setup than the Fatbob. So did you downgrade? Or is it an upgrade since it might be a little faster than the Sporty, but slower than the Asians. Certainly heavier. Is that an upgrade for weight lifters or a downgrade for those with skinny legs? I'm confused…´╗┐

  8. Congrats! I love my Fat Bob.┬á I don't have engine guards on mine, though : /┬á They do look good.┬á 1/4 Fairing is a MUST!┬á You will notice a difference with it and it looks sharp.┬á Bad news, only a couple of places manufacture it.┬á The bullet turn signals cannot be black unless you have them powder coated, and saddle bags require a U bracket that gave it a look I did not like.┬á I found some other bags though.┬á The bike is FAST for what it is, and it wants to LEAN.┬á Have fun on it, but be safe, because it wants to lean.┬á If you have any questions, let me know.┬á I love mine, and I wouldn't give it up for the world.┬á Maybe the universe, but not the world!´╗┐

  9. Mate, really nice. Not many people go for the Fatbob and that's a nice looking bike. I reckon your going to love that. A simple upgrade that's not a lot to do is a front sprocket┬áupgrade from 32 tooth to 30 tooth. Don't have to change belts and gives the bike real punch.´╗┐

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