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  1. Nice! I bought my first bike in Feb this year a 2015 moto guzzi v7 and put 6300 miles on it. Thinking of trading up at a local Harley dealer to the fat bob, street bob or wide glide

  2. Hey Dave,
    Currently ride a Yamaha R1 and looking to get something more comfortable for me and the wife. Would you say the Fat Bob makes a good touring bike? Also how does it ride with 2 up in general? Thanks.

  3. Decided im gonna go with the fat bob. Do you know how much money you need to put down to get started with? also any recriminations on wich exaust i should get? thanks

  4. This would be my HD if I was going that route. Just a straight up kick ass bike is what I like, no bells and whistles. Currently own a 14 Honda CB1100 which is a straight up naked simple motorcycle. This is in my future though down the road.

  5. wait till you add vance and hines slips ons and roland sands filter. mine is 100% more of a pleasure now and loved it before…!

  6. Enjoy ! I'have the in France and it Will be the same pleasure when i turn ignition. No "moustache bar" for me but an Stan & Vince for the pleasure of noise

  7. The term "upgrading" humors me. It's as if we're talking about a faster clock speed on a computer. What exactly is a motorcycle "upgrade?"
    Plenty of sub $10k Asian bikes will run rings around a Harley, does that make them an upgrade? Your former Sporty had bags and a windscreen. Arguably, for touring, it's a better setup than the Fatbob. So did you downgrade? Or is it an upgrade since it might be a little faster than the Sporty, but slower than the Asians. Certainly heavier. Is that an upgrade for weight lifters or a downgrade for those with skinny legs? I'm confused…

  8. Congrats! I love my Fat Bob.  I don't have engine guards on mine, though : /  They do look good.  1/4 Fairing is a MUST!  You will notice a difference with it and it looks sharp.  Bad news, only a couple of places manufacture it.  The bullet turn signals cannot be black unless you have them powder coated, and saddle bags require a U bracket that gave it a look I did not like.  I found some other bags though.  The bike is FAST for what it is, and it wants to LEAN.  Have fun on it, but be safe, because it wants to lean.  If you have any questions, let me know.  I love mine, and I wouldn't give it up for the world.  Maybe the universe, but not the world!

  9. Mate, really nice. Not many people go for the Fatbob and that's a nice looking bike. I reckon your going to love that. A simple upgrade that's not a lot to do is a front sprocket upgrade from 32 tooth to 30 tooth. Don't have to change belts and gives the bike real punch.

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