‘My First Week at My Internship Was Absolutely Amazing’

I am excited to be one of seven students completing an internship through the University’s Bergami Summer Internship Program. As a mechanical engineering major, I am gaining meaningful experience as an intern at one of the leading Harley-Davidson dealerships in the region.

July 7, 2020

By Demetrius Holliman ’21

Image of By Demetrius Holliman '21
Demetrius Holliman ’21 is an intern at Brothers’ Harley-Davidson.

I am spending part of my summer as a mechanical design/technical assistant intern at Brothers’ Harley-Davidson in Branford, Conn. I really wanted a challenging experience, the chance to learn in the field, and to be able to pave the way for future students.

As a rising senior majoring in mechanical engineering, I wanted technical and hands-on experience in my field of study. This internship fits in perfectly with my current educational journey and career path. My goal is to become a patent attorney and to be well-versed in business management. In order to move forward as a senior design engineer and potentially owning my own car company, I need to take “baby steps” and learn the ins and outs of the devices I plan on developing and/or making myself.

Image of Demetrius Holliman '21
Demetrius Holliman ’21

My first week at my internship was absolutely amazing. I really enjoy this type of environment, because there are so many different moving parts all under one roof. I am focused mainly on obtaining hands-on technical skills that will help me in my future career, such as assisting the senior technicians with any mechanic work needed in the service shop, cleaning, and detailing bikes, physically testing vehicles, and so much more.

I am grateful to have an adviser who is enthusiastically showing me all sides of the business. I am learning how to read, assess, and order inventory for vehicles that need repairs and for specific customer modifications, and I am purchasing and restocking parts for layaway when needed.

This is a very fast-paced environment, especially during this time of the season. Most people ride motorcycles from the beginning of spring to the end of fall, so it is a perfect time during the summer to be around the culture of Harley-Davidson. I definitely see myself working in a field like this. This would be a career and passion of mine, running my own business, and eventually making history and innovations just like Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company pioneered.

“Overall, this is an amazing step in my journey ahead … I look forward to what the summer will bring.”Demetrius Holliman ’21

Motorcycles are extensions of cars, as they have similar designs, makeup, and processes. My expectations for this internship, what I hope to learn, and the experiences I receive from it are exactly that: experience.

Image of Brothers Harley-Davidson in Branford, Conn.
Brothers’ Harley-Davidson in Branford, Conn.

I will continue to be a student of life and gain whatever knowledge, wisdom, and opportunities I can to better my career path and get me to where I see myself in the future. Overall, this is an amazing step in my journey ahead. I am very grateful for the experience, and I look forward to what the summer will bring.

The Bergami Summer Internship Program is funded through the generosity of Board of Governors member – and former Board Chair – Sam Bergami ’85 EMBA, ’02 Hon. and his wife, Lois, and the Division of Student Affairs.

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