Muscle car mania erupts at Southern California museum

DSC1966 Automobile Driving Museum Muscle Car Show Koby photo 1280x661
DSC1966 Automobile Driving Museum Muscle Car Show Koby photo 1280x661

“Speed and horsepower are the only two items in the development of better-performing automobiles” – Wally Parks, founder, NHRA

The event was hosted by the Automobile Driving Museum, located near LAX airport

Although the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, California, remains closed because of coronavirus pandemic restrictions, it is able to host some outdoor events. 

It did a Valentine’s Day car show in mid-February, and a week later it staged a Muscle Car Show. 

Apparently people were eager to get out of their homes for some automotive interaction because an estimated 400 cars and 1,000 people cruised onto Lairport Street in front of the museum for the event.

“Pure Muscle” is a term that originated in the 1960s and’ 70s when Detroit was building mid-size sedans but with the largest-displacement V8 engines, combinations ideal for drag racing, whether between stop lights or the Christmas tree starting lights on sanctioned drag strips.

Pontiac GTOs, Dodge Challengers, Plymouth Roadrunners, Plymouth Barracudas, Chevy Novas, and seemingly every high-performance American coupe blanketed the street. 

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