Motovlog: Stoke Vlog ep.3 – Custom Harley Sportster

Motovlog: Stoke Vlog ep.3 - Custom Harley Sportster

Just finished a custom Harley Davidson Sportster for a customer, might as well take it for a ride and do a quick motovlog. Some of the parts list…

Air Cleaner:
Carb Stage 1 Kit:
Carb Cap:
Fork Dust Caps:
Steering Stem Cover:
Fuel Cap:

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  1. I own a 2016 48 sportster and the foot pegs are a lil forward for me. Can you change them to put them more back so my legs are more bent? Like that bobber your riding for example. Hopefully you understand what I mean lol

  2. Hey man I've got a 97 sporty and I'm wondering what exhaust that is. also clean fucking build love the paint job also how much lift did you put on the tank?

  3. If I was going to take the baffles out of my SE 2's on my sportster, what jet sizes would you recommend? I am currently running a 42 pilot with the stock 170 main. I have a figure machine K and N set up with the stock cv carb.

  4. she's a beauty ! my dad gave me his old 87 flhtc classic, its all rusty and shit , been sitting in his shed for the past 7 years for fak sakes . lets just say its gonna be quit a challenge for me. im not a mechanic only a son of one but i got to say , this vid just boosted my motivation .thanks for sharing . keep up the good work brother !

  5. looks great! how'd you get the rear end so low? i put a Burly Slammer kit on my 01 Sporty XLH and ended up with some strut hardware on the drive side hitting the tire. I've got short legs, so i really want to lower my bike. thanks!

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