Motorcycle Maintenance: Two Often Over Looked Maintenance Items for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

motorcycle maintenance two often
motorcycle maintenance two often


**Always follow the instructions in your repair manual when doing repair or maintenance work on a motorcycle. Manuals can be found at the dealer and online.**

In this video I talk about 2 maintenance items that I feel are over looked when servicing a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The first item is lubricating the Jiffy Stand. Harley Davidson recommends using a aerosol anti seize lubricant to lubricate the jiffy stand, but I have never found anti seize in a aerosol spray. I use Permatex anti seize in a grease form, which can be easily found at any auto parts store. Using the grease does make it harder to lubricate the jiffy stand, because it requires removing the jiffy stand.

The next item I chose is lubricating the latches on hard saddle bags. This is a very inexpensive and quick task and requires 3 in 1 oil which can be found at any auto parts or hardware store.

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  1. Great video. I do all my own services and would have never thought about these two items. After watching the video I went out to the garage and did them. My clam shell bags are smooth as silk THANKS

  2. That simple keeper pin (WILL) not if ,maybe, It Will wear due to vibration. ..When you lose it,all your jiffy stand and springs etc. Get scattered all over the highway …unknown to you until you pull in to gas up..Holy Shit when did I lose that??? Harley has all replacement parts $ 250…can order for you and have in 7 days …You hold up bike or have a friend do such until parts come in…unless of course you are home when this happens…good luck on that ..Ask me how I know all this info…Stupid ,Dumb,Moronic Design from the people at HD…

  3. Good video…  White Lithium Grease (available at most autoparts stores in spray form) is also good for lubing the side stand.  Also, a safer way to re-install the side stand spring is to stick a bunch of pennies in between each coil of the spring to elongate the spring so you don’t have to pull on it to get it back on.

  4. That spring is a beast. I am waiting for another person to hold my '06 Glide upright so I can pull the spring down and into the hole. I still cant believe that just popped off yesterday as I left work. I must have pulled out of the parking lot with the kickstand down(?)… Anyway glad I watched your video. My saddlebag hinges look like they have never been lubed. I know in the 4 year years I've owned the bike they haven't.
    Thanks again!

  5. watch my shop chemicals vid you see a spray anti seize,permatex makes it.the vid is called:

    Stuff I use for my mowing business and repair shop.

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