Motorcycle club to host charitable event at Harley-Davidson Allen

Motorcycle club to host charitable event at Harley-Davidson Allen

Check your stereotypes at the door: The bikers who comprise Brother’s Keepers Chapter 38 are only in the club for the camaraderie and working for good causes.

One of those causes is coming to the Harley-Davidson store in Allen right off U.S. Highway 75. From noon until 7 p.m., Brother’s Keepers is hosting a motorcycle carnival day to raise funds for children’s cancer research.

The Brother’s Keepers Motorcycle Club is a world-wide organization formed in Shreveport, Louisiana in 2003 made up entirely of firefighters – active, volunteer or retired – with clubs in Texas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Canada and Australia. The club’s purpose, as their website states, is to “promote safety, increase awareness of motorcycles, and improve the image of ‘bikers.’”

“We have chapters all over the country, and we’ll go support their events and any other events we come across,” said Jeanette Hart, a Chapter 38 member. “Toy runs for orphanages, stuff for fallen firemen, funerals and stuff like that, veterans — anything that we happen to come across that we agree with the charity.”

Jeanette and her husband, Jeff, are members of Chapter 38. The chapter is relatively new, having broken away from their South Fort Worth roots to have a chapter that covers Dallas, Denton and Collin Counties. Jeff is a fireman in Burleson and has been riding motorcycles since he was 6, Jeanette said.

She doesn’t ride, though.

“No, I’m not coordinated enough. My life expectancy would be the end of my driveway,” she joked.

With their new area established, Chapter 38 set out to see where they might get some support for a charitable event in the northeast section of the Metroplex. That’s when they happened across Harley-Davidson of Dallas in Allen, which was amenable to the idea.

“We can help people in that area, meet more firemen in that area and help the community that we hold tight to,” Hart said.

The carnival will include bounce houses and dunk tanks, a silent auction duck pond, a lemonade stand and the chance to see some grown men get their heads shaved.

Some members of Chapter 38 have offered to get their locks lopped off in exchange for a donation to the cause. When one member reaches $ 300, enough to provide a day’s worth of pediatric research, a cancer patient will be brought out and get to shave a fresh head.

“There’s this little girl who’s super excited; she gets to shave firemen and bikers’ heads,” Hart said.

As for the silent auction duck pond, unlike a typical silent auction, everyone walks away a winner.

“What we’re doing is we have little plastic rubber duckies and we’re putting them in a kiddie pool. Each duck has a number on it, each number’s assigned to a prize. We’re selling tickets for that, $ 10 for ticket, you pick a duck for every $ 10 you spend. You can win everything from cookies to Ranger tickets to a big Yeti cooler,” Hart explained.

All proceeds will go to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, a national fundraising movement birthed from the memory of Alexandra “Alex” Scott, a cancer victim who set up a lemonade stand in her front yard to collect money for pediatric cancer research.

Chapter 38’s personal motivation is to act in memory of Zoe Powers, the daughter of a Brother’s Keeper member in Tyler, Texas, who succumbed to brain cancer.

“She didn’t get much of a chance to fight, so we wanted to do something in her memory to show that she didn’t fight for nothing,” Hart said.

Harley Davidson Allen is at 304 Central Expressway S. 

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