Motorbike-mad pensioner splashes out £4000 on a Harley-Davidson model

A motorbike-mad pensioner has ditched his 7mph mobility scooter – and splashed out £4,000 on a Harley Davidson model.

David Innes, 81, had ankle replacement surgery seven years ago which went wrong – leaving him struggling to walk.

He bought a mobility scooter, to help him back to his active lifestyle but became frustrated by it because it “lacked speed and lacked cool”.

The retired singer, who toured America in the 1960s and 70s, has now splashed out £4,000 on a Harley-Davidson mobility scooter.

His new wheels boast a top speed of 40mph, is taxed for road use and even has enough power to tow a trailer.

David, who lives with wife Diane, 77, in Sutton St Nicholas, near Hereford, said: “It’s just something I took a liking to and it was made in Cincinnati, USA and I had it shipped over and put together.

“It’s got a gear box on it, indicators, reverse lights, a speedometer, it’s got everything on it.

“Well everyone says here comes Dave on his Harley so we nicknamed it a Harley.

“I mean it’s a fantastic scooter – I had a lot of modifications done on it

“I had ankle replacement surgery seven years ago and it went wrong.

“I couldn’t walk properly at all so I bought a mobility scooter and thought this wasn’t for me.

“It just lacked speed and lacked cool. I might be older than I was but I was embarrassed to be seen on it.

“I sent it back straight away, I told them I didn’t like it.

“I came across the Harley and made some inquires on the internet and then had it shipped over.

“I was looking on the internet for scooters and came across the American site and though ‘oh boy, oh boy that’ll do me’.

“I’ve always loved motorbikes, years ago when I was in my 20s I used to going scrambling on a bike.

“I’m very, very active, I’m more busier now I’m retired than when I was working.

“I was a professional singer and used to tour all over singing.

“This scooter drew my attention because it was different, I had never seen anything like this one before.

“There are some out there that are similar but not one like this.

“I drive my scooter everyday without fail – everyday of the week.

“Without it I would be sat in my chair on my computer, doing nothing all day.

“My wife loves my bike, she knows it good for me.

“All my neighbours and friends love it too, I even get stopped by people in the street asking if they can buy it off me.

“They ask me questions like where did I get it from and can I have a ride on it.

“When I go around the town – I’ve even done a show sitting on my Harley in the middle of town.

“It bring a lot of joy to me because it allows me to do what I want to do.

“Just because I’m retired from singing and I can’t walk doesn’t mean that I have sit in my chair like an old man.

“The bike cost me around £4,000 – I could’ve bought a car with that but this was more me.

“Live your life to the fullest that’s what I say – my wife will tell you that’s what I do.”

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