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  1. Great ride Robin you handle a motorcycle beautifully I've been riding a long time really impressive great video Matt that's why I always enjoy watching them

  2. She can ride, no doubt.  You only get one shot when avoiding a hazard.  Give yourself some distance, I have been riding a motor for a LEO agency for 15 years, I can tell you it only takes one second to have a real bad day.  Great looking bike, ride safe.

  3. Nice bike to bad it's going to get wrecked splitting lanes like that ! I think you need how to ride safe if not both you and your bike is going to be gone ! Your life is worth me than TRYING to look cool and be a badass .

  4. Really cool video. Slick editing and camera placement. Robin can ride the shit out that bike and L.A. traffic sucks. Nice cool set up with the speakers, it would have been nice to hear them and see how the media plug-in worked and how to control it. Really cool.

  5. Great video. Love the interview style of video.
    Just a couple of questions…how tall is Robin ? And what mods have been done to that engine?
    Btw I really enjoyed the ride – my wife and I ride in a group and it's great to watch the style of the ladies. Damn awesome

  6. Yeah and one more thing Matt! Love what you're doing! It never gets old! But the new thing where you ride the bikes and we get a look how it looks. Perhaps with a shorter rider too is a great idea!!! Please do a "fast" video where you (or someone else) ride a selection of the more popular models bikes around. No point denying it. Harleys are about the image mostly. Great to see how it looks and how large the bikes are. Keep it up!

  7. Please wear proper safety gear and stop weaving thru traffic would like to see you safe so you can keep riding.

  8. Plastic apple grow some balls..Los Angeles woman will out ride you any day of the week.. Do you ride a Harley you should sell it..and get a nijia..

  9. Thumbs up! One more of Matt Laidlaw's great videos on/with Harleys. Besides the very nice Lady, even the Softail looks great (pretty difficult, I admit).

    I love the sound of that thing – which unfortunately, I can't get on my 1999 TC88 Road King Special, without getting fined daily by the cops here in Switzerland or in neighbouring Germany…

    I was a bit frightened, when I watched the video. I hope the young Lady does not push her luck to hard, when everyday going in between the rolling tin cans and their reckless or none-caring drivers. Always have a safe ride! 🙂

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