Making a Custom Sportster Seat!

Making a Custom Sportster Seat!

My Le Pera seat was killing my ass, so I took matters into my own hands.

This video is not so much a “How to” but more of proving the point that if there’s something you want on your bike, you sure as hell can DIY!

I used foam from a local auto upholstery shop, marine vinyl, and a lot of patience. I not only love the result but MY SEAT FEELS LIKE A COUCH! I can’t wait to take the Sportster on all our long trips coming up.

If you’re making your own custom Sportster seat, or even making a custom motorcycle seat in general, show me what you got! Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer.


Joseph Jacobs – “We’ll Get There”

Purgatory Hill – “Rollin’ and Tumblin”

Thanks for watching and stay awesome!
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  1. A little sewing practice is called for, besides that it's O.K. for a beginner!….I've been doing it for over 23 yrs. don't stop!

  2. Might be a bit more editing but i think it would be cool to add some time laps of you working on the bike when it gets to the boring bits of you sanding and stuff :3 There is something cool about watching that kind of work get sped up.
    Love this series dude! you are doing a great job

  3. cool shit, I was thinking of buying a new seat, maybe Ill waste some time and money and see how it comes out lol Keep it up, I know Im like a year late but hey

  4. Cool!!! Thanks for getting your hands dirty and sharing it with us! Good to see people just doing what they want instead of paying someone to do it for them…one tip size your drill bit just slightly bigger than the hole in the top flange of the river and they pop right out without having to choose…Great video, keep 'em coming! Subscribed!

  5. your not a biker unless you wrench on your bike your self and it awsome that your not afraid to try to do it your self that's a great first try and I love the stitching and how you left all the flaws that's what it's all about that's a one of a kind .

  6. Awesome! Right on; it's always cool to do as much as you can on your own Scoot, in my opinion. I made the passenger seat on my 05 XL883C/SE1200C that I built, in my Home Garage, by myself. Except, for the paint and pin-striping, those where done by my Bro, Tank and a local artist, Clines. I bought mine in 07 and built it in 09. To me, part of being a real HD Rider, is knowing how to fix, repair, replace, maintain, fabricate, and rebuild your Bike when necessary… 🙂 Right on! Well done! I really liked how you cleaned up that old seat pan; I love it when people save and restore old parts. I learned a lot, thank you… Peace, Stiletto 🙂

  7. This my 5th video and I do agree with Mr. Lawless except without the profanity. I have a limited vocabulary. You are inspiring me to get a garage and work on stuff. See you on the next video.

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