Maintenance Perks of a Harley Davidson (Sportster Models) – 2017 Harley Roadster

Maintenance Perks of a Harley Davidson (Sportster Models) - 2017 Harley Roadster

Bikes are fun to work on. It can even be therapeutic. But, it can quickly become annoying if the bike is unnecessarily difficult. Here are some perks of the Harley Sportster models. Maybe the easiest bike to work on.

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  1. Sometimes the contrast is startling. Changing spark plugs on my Roadster might take five minutes and one tool. Changing plugs on my (thankfully gone) Concours 14 took HOURS and every tool in my box.

  2. You hit the nail on the head right there for me! Whole reason I'm thinking about making the switch is ease of maintenance! I've had two old Honda cbs, an '86 cb450sc, and an '83 cb650sc. Got rid of them to get a modern sport touring setup and picked up an '09 GSX650F back in early '11. Put lots of miles on it, it's fast enough to get me in trouble, comfortable for up to 2.5hrs, but I HATE working on it lol. Like you said, just an oil change is a pain in the a$$. Between the maintenance and recent knee issues been looking at a cruiser and saw this vid. You just might have convinced me.

  3. I am kind of on the fence with this bike, but after seeing how easy it is to maintain, I just might get one.

  4. This was a major part of my thinking in buying a Vic Cross Roads…no valve adjustments, no anti-freeze, no chain, one oil hole and no tupperware to remove. Wish all bikes were so easy.

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