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  1. Everyone's hating on this dude, but god damn his reaction is so much more genuine. He looks like he's actually having fun with it.

  2. This whole marketing campaign is blowing up in H-D's face because it's the exact opposite of what they should have done. They should've found deserving people to give bikes to instead of people who could buy one the way you or I could buy a pair of shoes. Have the celebrities be involved with the giveaways if you want, but don't give someone who lives in a $5 million house in a gated community a bike. Jay Leno is more of a car guy than any of these celebs are motorcycle guys, and nobody gives him jack shit, he pays for all of his cars. They should have let people nominate a cop, vet, EMT, firefighter or just their dad, mom, son, brother, whatever and selected a few people who would actually appreciate it.

  3. Rappers are such morons.

    The ebonics are entertaining. Cringe-worthy, but entertaining. For about 60 seconds.

  4. Another bad taste after-effect. Thanks Harley…and no thanks. Would have been cool if he popped it in gear, lost control and went right into the pond.

  5. after watching all the 2018 bike giveaway segments and how stupid this whole advertisement scheme turned out, first, who ever came up with this idea of giving Harleys away to millionaires instead of deserving young, trying to make ends meet combat vets, should be fired. Next, I along with everyone else who works for their paychecks and spends their money at the local Harley dealership helped pay for this failure giveaway. I don't spend my money on stupid stuff, and I'm reconsidering my loyalty to Harley Davidson, they are doing some stupid things….

  6. What a Joke… its embarrassing to watch… yeah thats it Harley… thats how you support your base.. give away Bikes to the millionaire celebrities.. your unveiling stunt has turned me off even more to your bikes but you arent trying to sell to me anyways.. you want rich doctors and lawyers in their suits and ties riding as well as the millennials and rich young thugs riding your bikes now.. its only a matter of time before you fail for good.

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