Lady in Red.

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Lady in Red.
harley davidson motor bike
Image by Neil. Moralee
Harley owners take the look of their bikes very seriously. The more time I spend cleaning and polishing the less time I spend riding…… so my Honda doesn’t get cleaned or polished very often!

1903 William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson make available to the public the first production Harley-Davidson┬« motorcycle. The bike was built to be a racer, with a 3-1/8 inch bore and 3-1/2 inch stroke. The factory in which they worked was a 10 x 15-foot wooden shed with the words "Harley-Davidson Motor Company" crudely scrawled on the door. Arthur’s brother Walter later joins their efforts.

1904 The first Harley-Davidson Dealer, C.H. Lang of Chicago, IL, opens for business and sells one of the first three production Harley-Davidson motorcycles ever made.

1905 On July 4th, a H-D motorcycle wins a 15 mile race in Chicago with a time of 19:02. In Milwaukee, the first full-time employee is hired.

1906 A new factory, measuring 28 x 80 feet, is built on the Chestnut St. site, later renamed Juneau Avenue. Staff size is increased to six full-time employees. Also, the first motorcycle catalogue is produced by the Company and the nickname "Silent Gray Fellow" is used for the first time.

1907 William A. Davidson, brother to Arthur and Walter Davidson, quits his job as tool foreman for the Milwaukee Road railroad and joins the Motor Company.
Harley-Davidson Motor Company is incorporated on September 17th. The stock is split four ways between the four founders, and staff size has more than doubled from the previous year to eighteen employees. Factory size is doubled as well. Dealer recruitment begins, targeting the New England region.

And as they say….. the rest is just history

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