Jordan Bahnsen, Andrew Schell, Raven Ware charged with Paradise Spas burglary

Jordan Bahnsen, Andrew Schell, Raven Ware charged with Paradise Spas burglary

Three people are charged in connection with the burglary of Paradise Spas at 1615 S. Broadway in Minot last Saturday.

Jordan Taylor Bahnsen, 24, West Fargo, and Andrew Allen Schell, 25, Minot, are both charged with Class C felony burglary. Raven Elise Ware, 23, of West Fargo, is charged with conspiracy to commit burglary, also a Class C felony. Bahnsen, Ware’s ex-boyfriend, is also charged with Class B felony theft of property.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the court, a 2015 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, a 2018 SSR Razkull, and a 2003 Suzuki GXR 100 were all stolen during the burglary, along with $200 in cash.

Video showed two or three people inside the business at 5:42 a.m. Schell and Bahnsen allegedly gained access by forcing open the front door of the business and one of the suspects used a large wooden block to break the front window. Ware was allegedly outside in the suspect vehicle, watching them enter the business.

A Chrysler 300 vehicle like that driven by Bahnsen was spotted on the security video after the suspects left on stolen vehicles. An officer spotted Bahnsen’s vehicle in the lot at the Goodwill store later that morning. The vehicle fled when the deputy tried to stop the vehicle and Bahnsen was driving. The officer made contact with Ware inside the Goodwill. Ware said she had put a tracker on Bahnsen’s cell phone which she used to track his location, his text messages and phone calls. She showed the officer the app. The cell phone app showed that Bahnsen had been in the 1600 block of South Broadway that morning. Later that evening officers located Bahnsen’s vehicle at 410 74th Street SE and impounded it because it had been illegally parked. Schell, a friend of Bahnsen’s and Ware’s, was also there when the vehicle was located. Officers were told that someone had been driving a Harley-Davidson motorcycle around the neighborhood. When they searched Bahnsen’s impounded car, they found the key tag to the Harley-Davidson that had been stolen from Paradise Spas. On July 9, a police officer was driving through Jefferson Trailer Park when he spotted Bahnsen driving the stolen Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Bahnsen was later located in northwest Minot and the stolen motorcycle was found nearby.

A warrant was issued for Bahnsen on Tuesday in connection to the Paradise Spas burglary. Bahnsen went to the police department to speak with officers. He was driven to the police station by Schell and Ware was also present. Schell allegedly admitted to entering the Paradise Spas and driving the Suzuki motorcycle away and Bahnsen drove the Harley-Davidson away. Ware reportedly spoke to police and admitted to being outside in the car and watching the two men burglarize the business and ride away on the stolen motorcycles. Ware told police she met Schell a few blocks away from Paradise Spas and they talked about the burglary. She was upset that he had not stolen a certain motorcycle, so he went back to the business and got the third motorcycle for Ware. Ware wanted the third motorcycle so she could learn how to ride it. She knew where the third stolen motorcycle had been hidden and looked upset when police told her it had been recovered on Monday.

According to the affidavit, Bahnsen, Schell and Ware are all suspects in other commercial burglaries that have taken place in the past few weeks.



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