Jim Krumel: Smile about Hector, but thank a cop

Jim Krumel: Smile about Hector, but thank a cop 1

A tree, of all things, was being called a hero last week.

It even earned itself a nickname — “Hector,” like the Trojan prince.

This palm tree took Hurricane Irma’s best shot and remained standing. It was Muhammad Ali against Joe Frazier and Rocky Balboa vs. Clubber Lang. Suffice to say, it was one tough piece of bark.

Thousands watched on social media — what else? — as Hector gave the finger to Irma’s 150 miles per hour wind gusts. Hector was bent almost like a U, slapped around from side-to-side, but stood defiantly in the port of Gustavia in the tiny Caribbean island of Saint-Barthélemy, otherwise known as St. Barts.

When Irma finally clocked out and the sunshine clocked in, there was Hector, standing proudly despite a few scrapes. If trees could smile, Hector was grinning from palm leaf to palm leaf.

Yet, while Hector today makes for a good story about heroes, there’s a more remarkable one we should never let ourselves forget.

Think back 16 years ago today.

Firefighters and police officers looked death in the eye as they sprinted inside the World Trade Center to help someone’s mom or dad, brother or sister, get out alive. They did so without hesitation on that day that will forever be known as 9-11.

More than 400 of them would die when the towers crumbled from the terrorist attack.

They were true heroes that day, and for all practical purposes, remain so today.

Sure, a few bad apples have stolen too many headlines away from the good guys in recent years. That happens in any group, be it clergy, teachers, business executives, union members – even journalists. It is a shame when everyone gets shellacked with the same brush.

The significant majority of police officers and firefighters are outstanding people who do outstanding things for the betterment of their communities.

Let’s not forget that, especially on the anniversary of 9-11.

In fact, what better day is there than Sept. 11 to tell a police officer or firefighter how much you appreciate them.

If you see one, tell me you’ll do that.

I will, too.

ROSES AND THORNS: A couple of rock stars join the rose garden.

Rose: To Joe Watson, of National Lime and Stone, and Paul Schuab, of Schuab’s Electric. Watson donated a 10-ton rock to Boy Scout Vincent Bajwa and Schuab delivered it to Botkins Schools. The rock will be painted to show school spirit during special events. It was all part of Bajwa’s Eagle Scout project.

Rose: To Tara Joyce, who organized Bud Bash. The country music event at Lima Harley-Davidson drew a crowd of 3,000 and gave away $ 20,000 in scholarships to the families of wounded and fallen soldiers.

Rose: To Bill Allen, of the International Brotherhood of Carpenters union Local 372. He was the grand marshal of this year’s Labor Day parade in Lima. Cash prizes in parade categories were donated to the United Way of Greater Lima.

Rose: To Auglaize County commissioner Doug Spencer, who was among 79 Ohio commissioners invited to Washington for a special conference involving governmental officials.

Thorn: One year after the FBI began its investigation of then Allen County Sheriff Sam Crish, no information has been shared with the public and no one has any idea if the agency is dragging its feet or diligently working away.

PARTING SHOT: “It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.” — Muhammad Ali

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Jim Krumel

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