Is the 2017 Harley Davidson Sportster a Good Starter Cruiser?

Is the 2017 Harley Davidson Sportster a Good Starter Cruiser?

So you want to know if the Harley Davidson Sportster a Good Starter Cruiser. I have a few reasons why I believe it is. The Harley Sportster was my very first bike back in November 2011, and I love it. I didn’t even have a motorcycle endorsement when I bought it from the dealership brand new. They had to ship it to my home. That night I road around the neighborhood and taught myself how to ride. With that said, I have a few things I want to talk to you about. Things that I thought up before buying and some things I found out after the fact.

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  1. I got my sportster 48 as my first bike ever . I kid you not , the best decision I've ever made. It's just perfect. I even ride with my gal every weekends and it doesn't bother me much. If I ever want to get another bike . Honestly I would keep my sportster.

  2. Beginner !!! it's a great permanent bike, bought a 2016 883 in 2016 brand new you can do so much with it including a 1250 conversion if u want to….Sportsters rule riding big ass boats drool.

  3. Didn't buy mine as a starter.. I am willing to bet the majority buy the sportster NOT as a starter. How did it get labeled as a starter?

  4. Great video man! good to some love for the sportster, iv'e had mine for about 35 years best 1800$ i ever spent. 🙂

  5. Got a 1200, almost 40k miles on it, recently wrecked it (changed the bars and the throttle got stuck, my fault, it got stuck while riding and i flew into the back of a car) but before my wreck, the bike has done me perfectly fine, never had issues, currently fixing it, and waiting on my foot to get better so i can hop on it again, recommend it for any begginer, expecially if they can hold the weight..

  6. I LOVE Sportsters. There is nothing that they don't do well. Unless you're going 2-up a lot, there is no need to go for a bigger bike. The new Roadster is at the top of my consideration list for my next bike. Then again, so is the Indian Scout…

  7. Nice video and I agree with you, any sportster is a good beginner bike. But it's also good for experienced riders too. I would never trade mine for a big pig Harley, no way. In fact the only Harleys I like are sportsters and maybe that new street rod. I bought my sportster brand new in Dec. 2000. Still ride it all the time. It's an 883 and it's fine on long trips; I've taken it from Dallas to Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona, every summer and again in the fall. Then trips all over Texas also. Really great bike, Harleys are heavy but very well made and will last a lifetime. A friend of mine (older guy) has a '68 sportster iron head that he bought new, and still rides it.

  8. Ive owned a 2005 883 low and a 2004 883 standard. I weigh around 260 lbs and 6 ft tall. My favorite of the 2 was the 04 standard. It handled way better than the slammed suspension of the low model. Being 883 cc it still hauled my ass up the interstate at 80- 85 mph with no problems. Ive only ridden 1 1200 sportster , i would have to say it did have a little more power, but wasnt night and day.

    Working on these bikes was a breeze. I had the entire top end torn down on the 2004 because the base gaskets were seeping. Super easy project. However, this go round I decided to try something different. I bought a 1977 Yamaha XS 650. Working on getting it road worthy. That being said, I wouldnt mind another sportster to get around on.

  9. Hey man! I started watching you a couple of weeks, absolutely love the videos! I am planning on posting some Sportster content soon. Let me know if you ever find yourself in Ohio!

  10. My starter bike was a 2001 XL1200. It was bullet proof, never gave me any issues. Rode that puppy for nearly 7 years until the wheels fell off. After the experiencing that quality & reliability, not to mention good looks & on a used bike at that! I was forever sold in Harley!!

  11. I drove my friends 06 1200 custom and it feels like a great bike. I have a buell xb12x with an engine based on the sportster and it's a completely different machine

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