Inside AD’s Ultimate Guide to the Best Design in Transport

Ferrari Roma: The mid-20th-century La Dolce Vita moment—when Italian design and film conquered the world—is reimagined for our early 21st century with this manifestly gorgeous $225,000 2+2 grand tourer. Powered by a 611 hp turbocharged V8, it will rip from zero to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds on its way to a 199 mph top speed, and look good doing it.

Interior of the Lucid Air-2.

Photo: Courtesy of Lucid

Lucid Air: The buzzworthy electric car startup takes on Tesla’s dominant Model S with this handsome luxury sedan. Featuring more power (1,080 hp), more range (517 miles), more passenger and cargo space, more free charging (three years), and superior interior materials than Elon’s sedan, the $139,000 Air Grand Touring almost becomes a bargain.


A look inside of the Bowlus Road Chief-2.

Photo: Courtesy of Bowlus 

Bowlus Road Chief: Hawley Bowlus built the world’s first Streamline Moderne riveted aluminum trailers back in the mid-thirties—pre-Airstream. This revival of his name and designs results in a $225,000, battery-powered mobile dream lined in high-quality fabric, birch plywood, polished metal, and skylights—like a Swedish summer house on wheels.

The Triton 1650 7-1.

Photo: Courtesy of Triton

Triton Subs: Triton is a pioneer in the category of personal submersibles—private submarines for yachts, film crews, or researchers. Subs seat from two to seven people and can dive from 300 to 11,000 meters underwater. The prices for their 10 models run from seven to eight figures. Deep-pocketed clients can custom-design their own specialty sub.

The SilentYacht’s Silent 80.

Photo: Courtesy of SilentYacht

SilentYacht Silent 80: This $6.5 million ship removes the environmental degradation endemic in yachting with a solar-charged, battery-powered experience. This radical power train also eliminates the noise, fumes, waste, and maintenance of petrol-powered vessels, though it has an onboard gas generator to charge the batteries on cloudy days.

The InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle.

Photo: Courtesy of InMotion

InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle: Electric unicycles are odd. Self-balancing one-wheel vehicles meant for short commutes to work, through campus, or to public transit hubs, they reek of hubris and broken bones. But this $1,999 model has a built-in shock absorber, brake lights, and kickstand, and can go 75 miles on a charge at speeds of up to 31 mph.

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