Incredible car & bike tech unveiling at CES 2020: ‘Shape-shifting’ electric motorcycle and 3D-printed cars

ces 2020 car and bike tech

The year 2019 is nearing its end and while we’ve been talking about the key developments over the past year in the automobile industry, even more interesting are the things that we look forward to. CES 2020 will be the first technology expo to be held in the new year from 7-10 January. The name might suggest otherwise – Consumer Electronics Show – but the CES is every bit of a car show as well. Seems there is a lot to forward to in electric mobility.

Off-road EVs

Now that Tesla has peeled the wraps off its otherworldly Cybertruck, there are several others who’re in line to roll out their versions of EVs that can go off the road. The electric truck that Ford has been teasing for some time now could show its face at the upcoming CES. Fiat Chrysler has also hinted that it will employ electric powertrains for its RAM and Jeep brands. And then, there’s Toyota which showed off the plug-in hybrid RAV4 at the recent LA Auto Show, so a Tacoma or Tundra with the same tech is likely to please 4×4 fans at CES.

3D-printing for car parts

3D printing is not just for flimsy prototypes anymore. Volkswagen is currently 3D-printing a load of parts for the upcoming ID.3 and Ford’s Mustang GT500 is using 3D-printed brake-line brackets. 3D printers have advanced in their size and the materials they use that they can now create road-worthy parts. We’ll see more at CES 2020.

Shape-shifting’ electric motorcycle

CES served as a stage for the unveiling of Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle last year, and this year it’ll be another shocker to unveil at the show. Canadian startup Damon is set to unveil an electric motorcycle prototype that can ‘shape-shift’ which means it can switch from a sportbike riding stance to relaxed and upright one on the fly.

EV batteries

Yes, we already have several all-electric cars and they all use their own versions of lithium-ion battery tech. From Tesla to small electric two-wheeler startups all use lithium-ion batteries. They evolve a bit each year but we are yet to see game-chargers like supercapacitors which we might this year at CES. Especially since Lamborghini patented one for use in its Sian supercar.

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In-car entertainment

By the time our cars reach an intelligence level that they don’t need drivers at all, car manufacturers will make sure that when you won’t have driving to bother about – you mustn’t get bored. TVs on the ceiling, in-car VR, workout equipment, meditation, a fully-stocked bar at the back seat? There are certainly loads to play around with.

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