Immersive branding goes luxurious in India

Immersive branding goes luxurious in India

For an art lover, watching a play is like seeing a story come to life in a slow, rhythmic way. But what if you were told that the story would unfold with all the aesthetic beauty of traditional costumes and stage decor from your favorite ethic brand. Yes, Fab India partnering with the theatrical production ‘Salaam Noni Appa’, a play based on a short story from Twinkle Khanna’s new, award-winning bestseller titled ‘The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad’, bring together the unique favors of enjoying some brilliant acting on stage coupled with the fabrics woven onto this story.

This kind of a collaboration, also known in marketing terminology as immersive branding experiences, are used to engage the audience to a new level. Fab India, as we see decided to go with theatre. In the play, which has actors of all ages, costumes as well as some of the stage decor were from the brand. The play was performed all over the country with 3 more showcases in Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Immersive or engagement branding altogether a new trend; in fact the terms itself were coined in the 90’s. Many brands design experiences for its customers through exhibitions with more than just displays, more interaction with people and chances to test the product. India, in the last few years is now witnessing more innovation in this aspect. Right from the red bull flu tag that was showcased for the first time in India, where participants engage in an adventurous mountain biking experience, to Harley bike rides this year in Jaipur, brands are putting forward their best, most experiential foot to engage their audience is more than just the brand, its first hand adrenalin spiked experience.

While the Harley Davidson bike rally held in …., garnered a crowd of …. people, who got a chance to….. the Redbull flu tag was attended by 3500 participants in Bangalore in …… dates.

So what inspired this collaboration? Karan Kumar, Head of Brand and Marketing at Fabindia says, “Salaam Noni Appa is contemporary Indian play based on a story that resonates very well with a large section of our audiences. It’s light-hearted take on the relationship between two sisters and has been acted in & directed by a much acclaimed pool of talent. The fact that it was also being presented for the first time to the public and also that it would form a part of India’s largest theater tours added to our excitement of reaching our audiences. The play beautifully integrates Fabindia products as part of costumes and stage set up and brings alive some of our key business categories very well.”

The novelty of seeing a well loved brand in a wholly different set up has caught attention all over the country, as Salaam Noni Appa is getting theaters full with anticipation. Vandana Rao, from the Central suburbs of Mumbai who came to watch the play on October 28 at the Opera House, shares her feelings about this experience, “It was a nice light hearted play with some rib tickling tongue-in-cheek lines in between. The camaraderie between the two sisters was also quite engaging and fortunately it was maintained till the very end. I would like to mention the dupattas worn by the two lead actresses in the show – very classy and drop dead gorgeous.” Clearly, brands can find such unique ways to get the attention of people across the country. As for the future of such events, Karan says, “Theatre in particular & performance arts in general will be an avenue for brand to associate with and present to its discerning audiences. We will evaluate opportunities as they emerge. This is just the first step and our audiences have great joy from this association.”

About Fabindia:

With 265 stores across 98 cities in India and 11 international stores, Fabindia Overseas Private Limited is India’s largest retail platform for a wide range of products produced by artisans living largely in rural areas.


  • The novelty of seeing a well-loved brand in a wholly different set up has caught attention
  • Many brands design experiences for its customers through exhibitions with more than just displays, more interaction with people and chances to test the product

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