I Ride 2017 Harley Davidson Softail slim S

I Ride 2017 Harley Davidson Softail slim S

A short and brief ride review of the 2017 Harley Davidson Softail Slim S
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***How to videos are to help gain a better understanding of what and how to fix/repair/ maintain something, I will not be held labial or responsible for anything that might/has/did go wrong! If you don’t understand it or have any doubt about what ever it is that your doing seek professional help. ***
All speeds displayed and sounds of engines racing have been digitally enhanced for your viewing pleasure, Video is 1 or more years old stock video. Please obey speed limits and local laws.
All other riders, cagers and people in this video were unpaid stunt men/ women from Mexico
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  1. @Piston Slap So you compared the stiffness of the softail slim S with the Indian Scout. Any more comparisons you're willing to make with the scout/scout 60?
    Which one felt more aggressive/badass? Speed/torque comparisons (considering the 'somewhat' similar hp/torque and pretty stark differences in weight)? Which one felt like it was better quality/would you purchase either of them? etc. etc. I really think the softail is the best-looking bike on the market right now, but that lean angle might be a deal-breaker for me.
    I'm buying a bike in February next year and I've narrowed it down to the Softail, Lowrider S, Indian Scout/Scout 60, and the Victory Octane (if I can get my hands on one).

  2. do u think it's suitable for a guy like me i'm 5.8" 160 bls? or is it too heavy and big for my size?

  3. The softail slim model has a low ground clearance. You will scrap the floor boards in tight corners. Anyone knows on how to increase the ground clearance on a softail slim?

  4. That is seriously such a great looking bike! I'll always be a fan of cruisers, and that style is just ultimate!

  5. Oh no! Another one has wandered off into the H-D wilderness. Next video we'll see nothing but black leather and mullets 😉

  6. Looks like a fun bike to take for a cruise. I've never ridden a Harley before. Did it damage the floor board? How do they deal with that when you damage a test drive? hehe

  7. Fun stuff you picked out a cool one to ride, I love the color scheme of this bike. fun times,
    Yeah it will feel really short compared to what you normally ride.
    if you get board pull up the death wobble of the Harley, I know it affects the Road King, not sure how many other bikes , but interesting none the less.
    Thanks for sharing and have a blessed week.

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