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I love anything to do with Harley Davidson and have two beautiful children and a beautiful partner. In my spare time i like building websites and love anything to do with the internet.


  1. Todd sir you yourself are a piece of America take good care of yourself, enjoy your video's very much…..

  2. Sweet bike brother, check out my bike youl like it Bud. you have a SUB here brother hope u sub to mine thanks

  3. This guy DOES know his shit. It's clearly his life. Love these videos. I don't miss kicking my shovel lol

  4. black and chrome ! how original and personal , ooooo and straight pipes !! so it is ugly and obnoxiously loud, great addition to the neighborhood

  5. shovelhead panhead motors r the way to go 1964 &1966 awsome bikes n the panhead lower ends could better handle the shovelhead uppers

  6. so much knowledge thanks for sharing it all the time love ur videos watch them all over and over and over… your so used to old bikes u shift so soon great job keep making videos

  7. Iron American Dream on youtube. Fifteen lbs. of air in the rear tire and watch the road. With forward controls you cannot stand up for the bumps.

  8. you have the best bikes hands down I started on a 77 low rider and now have a 88 1200 Sportster I'm 27 but would like nothing else but my old Harleys keep up the good work

  9. it's mostly there besides boat tail fender and seat…. all matching numbers one owner bike. My best friend had a 77 lowrider back in 84. That's the bike I have always dreamed of owning. Your opinion is for me to keep my 72 as close to original? I trust your opinion from watching your channel. Thanks again.

  10. love your channel. very informative. I just bought a 72 FX that is mostly original. I have a DNA springer+3 but think I will put the stock front end back on. What would you recommend for a nicer front end to make this bike a good daily Rider. the OEM front just seems too small. Thanks

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