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  1. Yeah It brings me back to many years of kicking these bastards in the 100 degree Florida weather. Now I am crippled.

  2. hey Todd….where can I buy those exact handlebars??? I can't find them anywhere on the internet where the riser section is straight and not angled, they all have a bend in the middle

  3. i like this dude.a real biker,didnt get it going then start filming,he showed you what its like to own a kicker,sometimes it kicks your fuckin ass

  4. I had a super glide FX kick start only. Same year. No magneto and standard carb, however. I kicked that bad boy so hard it twisted the kick starter shaft. Twisted it about 1/6 way round.
    So I started pushing it down a hill near my place. The hill was so steep, they called it the wall. It got this nick name from bicycle races that came UP (!!) the damn thing.
    Loved the bike but wow it was fun to start. Gives you hella workout, or at least it feels like it.

  5. got any more bikes come through ya shop like this? id love to buy one how ever I am in Aus and it may just be easier to source one here…… THough you seem to know what you are on about! love your vids 6 years later and this video still gets me going 4 years later!

  6. @HuntingHarleys can you tell me about what the specs on that frame are? I'm guessing stock rake but how much downtube stretch?

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