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  1. when I graduate from MMI I am going to Auto Mechanics school to get certified with cars to a lot are against school just go work in shops but mom and pop shops are being fazed out a lot of technology and now these dealerships require you to go to school they want touch you unless you have been to trade school society is pretty much driven by experienced techs dealers ships want trained professionals old school bikes to they want someone who knows how to work on them

  2. Motor cycle  Mechanics Institute class are
    Theory 1
    Theory 2
    Engine Transmission & Final Drive Systems
    Suspension & Chassis Systems
    Machine Shop
    Electrical A Design & Operation
    Vehicle Maintenance
    Engine Troubleshooting &Noise Diagnosis
    Review And Performance Testing
    Service Department Operations
    HD Tech 1
    HD tech 2
    Vehicle Maintenance
    Chassis Service
    Screaming Eagle
    Powertrain Services
    Electrical Diagnostics

    I have these classes left I am almost done
     I am going to be a master tech what am graduating in June 2015
    Evolving technologies
    DOS 1
    DOS 2
    Early Model 1
    Early Model 2

  3. EARLY MODEL AT MOTOR CYCLE MECHANICS INSTITUTE should check out the school it is cool should check out the school I have all my PHD done I am graduating some time in June this working on all the old school bikes I will have all the certified classes done hope in 2 or 3 years I will be a master tech threw Harley Davidson I only  have 5 classes left and I am done

  4. Good pics, lousy sound track.  This cavernous area requires the speaker to wear a body mic to be properly understood and heard.

  5. Could you please mounth cam on the bike so that we can join you when you are riding the bike? I would love to see how you operate the footclutch and handshift. understand your videos is more for advertising purposes.

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