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  1. so wanted it to start but dont really care cos it was so beautiful to look at, a bit like a beauty queen youll look at it all day knowing your never gonna get to ride it lol

  2. Pretty much how I feel after trying to start my 78 after I stop anywhere.Starts right up when I wheel it out of the garage though…..

  3. I know the feeling, have a 54. changed the Linkert to S&S, total different routine. miss the Linkert. kicked so much my right leg is twice the size of my left. in the middle of my last rebuild now, at 56 kicking not as easy as it used to be, but just as rewarding.

  4. Love bobbers. Been building and riding since early 60s. Every time I bought a swing arm, I ended up cutting it up. Pushing 70 and I still am on rigid bobbers with jockey. Clean, no nonsense bikes.

  5. all you are missing is some ignorant fuck standing there saying"is the gas turned on "?
    you gotta admit..this is funny.

  6. the gratest bike out of all the bikes i have ever seen in my whole life! I have dyna with evo 80 but your bike is really true. with love from bloody russia

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