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  1. Just watched the clip of the 38 knuckle with original paint. I have a 38 with a repaint that is also black but in Palmers new book black was not an option. I hope it's wrong I would like to keep mine as stock as possible. Anyone hear any different? Thanks for any info.

  2. sold my 32 tank,my 32 forks,tweeked that i straightened,now my molested 32 frame,motor mounts cut off with one side tensioner,i bought it from a guy,diggerdave ???  he lied and cheated me lol  i had this junk for 2 years set up in backroom dreaming one day i might own one ,but broke is broke and broke has no sympathy for anyone my friend lol

  3. its going to be 6 for the high Tuesday in n.j.I lived in socal in the late 70s should of stayed, when did they get the helmet law?

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