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  1. 72.000 dollars, that's a lot of money… I paid under one grand for my Triumph Thunderbird from 1952 haha.
    I'm more a Triumph guy, I wouldn't feel safe to own a bike I paid 72.000 for. And Harleys gets stolen a lot here. I'm not saying that my Triumph is worthless, it's actually pretty rare in Denmark and generally, but not 72 😀

  2. 'cRaZy'$$$$ Haha. Looks like I'll finally have to take my ancient titled 38' Knuck mill and tranny, and pop it into my 38' UL. The 38' UL is 100% original. In my wildest dreams i never thought the old iron would ever reach these Doe Ray Me's!!! Looks like this Knuck Knuck went for 10K over current Nada quotes. Kinda like EvilBay!

  3. Instant biker… I just can't see how someone could buy a bike that is restored and when someone asks you questions about it and you say I bought it this way. I spent 7 years restoring my 37 EL and 5 on my 47 EL I can't imagine the day that I sell it to someone.

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