Hudson police: Lock your vehicle doors; Missing Harley reported

Hudson police: Lock your vehicle doors; Missing Harley reported

Road rage

Road rage was reported at 8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 27 along Carmichael Road near Coulee Road. A man said a woman drove her vehicle past him at a high rate of speed and then cut directly in front of his vehicle. The man followed the vehicle to the Hudson Middle School parking lot where he attempted to speak with the woman, but she only yelled and swore at him so he ended contact with her. An officer attempted to contact the driver, but was unable to do so.

Locked out, but who’s inside?

A 911 call sent an officer to Shasta Drive in Hudson. Dispatch called back and made contact with a woman who said she was locked out of her residence, and believed there was someone inside her home. When an officer arrived, a broken window appeared to be kicked in from the outside. Several women were observed in the lower portion of the residence. The reporting party, who appeared to be intoxicated, stated she was OK and did not want to report the broken window.

Ex harassment

A woman reported suspicious activity from an ex-boyfriend on Saturday, Oct. 28. The woman said the ex showed up where she worked, entered her vehicle and looked around before coming in and demanding to speak with her. He was told to leave. The woman said the ex has shown up to her workplace once or twice every shift during the four to five shifts she’s had this week. He has also sent her over a thousand texts ranging from telling her how much he loves her to harassing messages. An officer referred her to victim witness services where she lives in Pierce County for a possible harassment order.

Vehicle break-ins

• A theft was reported from a vehicle parked in the Hudson Middle School lot on Sunday, Oct. 29 at 9 a.m. The owner said she found her window broken on the driver’s side of her vehicle and her purse was missing. The damage was estimated at $ 1,000. The purse was valued at $ 150 and contained the woman’s driver’s license, a set of keys, a check card and several credit cards. The vehicle was parked at 8:05 a.m. and the damage was found an hour later. Camera footage from the school will be reviewed.

• Four vehicles were rummaged through, and one had items stolen at three residences on Spruce Drive overnight between Sunday, Oct. 29 and Monday, Oct. 30. Two vehicles at the first address had been searched through, but the owner said nothing was taken. The vehicle was unlocked. A fly fishing reel valued at $ 200 and $ 12 in cash was stolen from a third vehicle at another address. The owner said both vehicles were unlocked. A fourth vehicle at another address was rummaged through but nothing was missing or damaged. The owner said she wasn’t sure if the vehicle was locked.

• Two thefts from vehicles were reported at addresses on Heggen Street in the night of Sunday, Oct. 29 or morning of Monday, Oct. 30. A laptop was taken from the first vehicle. The owner found stuff strewn around the vehicle, and his son’s backpack behind the vehicle. A pair of mittens that the owner did not recognize were found on the scene, and entered to evidence. The laptop was issued by the Hudson High School, and valued at $ 316. A charge cord, adaptor cord, mittens and $ 2 in change was missing from a second vehicle. The stolen items are valued at $ 30. The vehicle was discovered with the front driver’s side open. The vehicle was unlocked. Two other vehicles were rummaged through on the same dates on the same street. Both were unlocked, but nothing was taken.

Locker theft

On Wednesday, Oct. 31 a theft from a locker was reported on the Hudson YMCA on Vine Street between 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. As a minor was preparing to leave, she noticed several personal items missing including a $ 300 purse, a $ 200 black vest, $ 130 pair of shoes and $ 14 cabin socks. The purse contained $ 100 in cash and an I.D. card. Staff will check security cameras to see if any of the property can be seen on subjects leaving the facility.

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