How to Set the Points on Harley Davidson Shovelhead

How to Set the Points on Harley Davidson Shovelhead 1


How to Set the Points on Harley Davidson Shovelhead

I forgot to mention a few things…

To get the nub, or lobe whatever you want to call that thing, into position, you can either use your kicker to turn the motor over, or raise the back tire off of the ground, put the bike in gear and spin the back wheel into position.

Also, I had a lot of trouble with the back plate slipping out position. So I put a tiny lock washer under the screw that holds the back plate in position.

You know your points need adjusting when your is spitting sputtering and breathing fire. I sound like the carburetor in jacked up. This day in particular, I had been changing the jets trying to get the carburetor right. The wolf watched me for a while and jumped up and started taking the point cover off. That’s how I snagged this video. All that to say, when your points need adjusting it sound similar carburetor issues…

Keep it old school friends, and be safe… Unless you don’t feel like being safe, then give it hell…


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