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  1. Great video man! I am about to extend all my wires and cables for new bars on my bike. I have the same bike so this was money, thank you.

  2. my shitty burly brand clutch cable will not thread into my side cover, my oem old cable threads fine in just a couple turns, why is that? any tips at all would be huge

  3. It looks like it might be the same for my 2009 Dyna super glide I'm doing it tommorrow should I get a torque wrench or just tighten it in a cross pattern by feels be good too?

  4. thanks for making this video I'm about to tackle the same job and your video to me was helpful thank you

  5. Torque spec is 84 inch pounds to 110 inch pounds. So this is technically the "torque range"………with that said and if you are using an adjustable torque wrench – then your target is 97 inch pounds or 97 In lbs.

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