How to properly wash and detail your Harley Davidson Motorcycle

National Harley-Davidson Service Manager John McEnaney teaches us about the proper way to wash a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle and keep it looking awesome.

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  1. I always thought the best way to wash your Harley was to get a wiggler or two from the local strip club to put the soft mitts to it while knocking back a couple Rolling Rock's. No? Well, beer me anyway.

  2. Good process , well presented , Thanks John for pointing out the finer points …. My Buell will sparkle from now on !

  3. After washing my bike thoroughly, before I turn engine on I use my gas Leaf Blower to remove excess water.
    Then I ride my bike down the street and back to remove more water. I use my blower AGAIN !! Don't need a Shammy or anything,,cause it's already dry ! Then I begin to polish chrome & the rest.
    Looks showroom !

  4. I bought a cheap electric leaf blower I use to dry mine, but need to be careful with electricity and water. cost me $25 and works perfect.

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