How to Install LED Lights on a Harley-Davidson-Tutorial & Guide

how to install led lights on a h
how to install led lights on a h

We show you exactly how to install the Ciro 3D Shock & Awe LED lighting kit and the add on Fork Mounted Illuminator LED’s on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The Shock & Awe LED lighting kit can be used on any motorcycle with a 12-volt system. It doesn’t matter the make or year of the motorcycle as the kit is very universal. We guarantee you can install these LED lights with the help of our detailed tutorial video.






The Ciro 3D Fork Mounted Illuminators will work on 2000 and newer FL Harley-Davidson touring models. This is due to the fact that they are shaped to specifically bolt onto those years/models.

Note: The Fork Mounted Illuminators are an add-on and not required to get up & running with the Shock & Awe kit.

The Ciro 3D LED lighting kits come with everything you need for the install. There are the LED light strips, wire extensions, splitters, control/power/Bluetooth box, control knob, 3M double sided sticky tape, and dialectic grease. Ther are additional bolts, washers, and nuts for the Fork Mounted Illuminators.

Your first impression when opening up the box is that the product is “quality”. Everything is packaged well. The LED light strips, wires, extensions, and splitters are thick. Other motorcycle LED light kits out there on the market can be very cheap and thin, thus whey won’t last. The light strips are sealed very well, so moisture will never be a problem.

My favorite thing about the Ciro 3D Shock & Awe kit is that you can add to it later if you like. Every LED strip you put on your bike has another plug on the end to continue on with another LED strip. The main Bluetooth power block has two channels coming out of it. We hooked channel 1 to run the left and right side of the motorcycle and channel 2 to run our front Fork Mounted Illuminators. With the awesome Ciro 3D Shock & Awe intuitive smartphone app, we can have our front wheel LED’s a different color/pattern than the main bike LED’s.

There is also a control know that you can mount in a convenient location for controlling different colors and modes of lights. However, the smartphone app allows even more control and makes the LED’s programmable.

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  1. I went to the website to purchase the kit, but I do not see what the kit contauns as for pieces. Does everthing in the video come in the kit or????

  2. Just a heads up here…Check with your Local & State laws on using these lights in FLASH mode. Here in Ohio you can't use Flashing Red or Blue lights on a vehicle or you can be stopped…

  3. Ryan, would that work for my 2014 Honda CTX 1300 Deluxe, compared to the SuperNight 5050 LED kit, or what one do you recommend in the store???

  4. As usual your videos are unreal. Im not pimping my Harley, maybe my HOG but not my bike. LOL Keep up the professional videos, greatly appreciated by all us wrenchers.

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    Ride Safe, Ride Smart, happy riding!

  6. Absolutely wonderful video. You guys really knocked it out of the park and we wish you great success with your store!

  7. Thanks Ryan, I just purchased this from your website. And thanks to the video I'm looking forward to the install.

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