How To Install A Set Of Grips On A Harley Davidson Motorcycle (Models 2008 & Newer)

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC carries a huge variety of aftermarket grips for your motorcycle! Click here to check them out! This video shows the installation of a set of grips from Performance Machine on a 2011 Harley Davidson Street Glide. There are a number of different reasons you may want to change the current grips on your bars. Aftermarket street bike and motorcycle grips add comfort and style to your bike. They can also be a way of fixing a sticky throttle or a loose grip. This video will walk you through removing the stock grips from your handlebars and installing your new set of aftermarket grips. The guys at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC give you the parts and knowledge to keep your bike running right and keep you on the road longer! Visit our website for all the OEM and aftermarket parts and accessories for your machine!

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  1. One comment… On my 2014 FLHTCU, the right/brake side housing was a bit funky to get the housing halves to match up. I didn't see why – couldn't see anything in the way. After 10 minutes of jiggling, they just fell into place. Then I moved over to the left/clutch side. They also did not mate "flushly". So I started to jiggle them, too. But never got them flush. I looked at the flange on one of the halves, and saw a small protrusion – something like may index into a matching slot on the grip. I looked at my original grip and saw that it just had a depression there. So basically, there are 2 bits (on on each housing half) that appear to be designed to "dig in" to the rubber. So then I felt OK to just tighten the screws and let them dig in, which they did.

  2. Quick question as I prepare to upgrade a few things on my 2014 Road King.  Is NOT gluing the replacement grips pretty much the accepted method these days and using only  a set screw, because part of me thinks that under a heavy "load" such as a collision-avoidance maneuver those little set screws could fail.
    I've only had metric sport and sport tour bikes until now and the grips were always glued.

    Thanks for any advice, I like your vids because they actually explain and show the steps instead of just saying "Ok, remove all this complicated stuff and then we'll move to the next step."

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