How to drift your Harley Davidson motorcycle

how to drift your harley davidso
how to drift your harley davidso


How to drift your Harley Davidson motorcycle

In this video @joey55._ gives us some pointers on how to drift a harley davidson.

Joey is a professional do not try this at home.



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  1. I liked this video but I think we need need a video to teach us exact points for hand movements as in when to break when to throttle how hard etc. for rolling burnouts drifting and wheelies.
    but excellent video guys keep it up
    This is all good knowledge

  2. More of everything to be honest. I just like seeing ridetv on my suggested items. So I guess with that just post more!!!

  3. Do more of these I'm tryin to stunt my sporty but don't really kno where to start I'm on a solid mount sporty and can't really find a place for crash bars and pegs if anybody knows of a place lmk pls

  4. When you tap the brake to do a 180 and then dump the clutch while grabbing a handful of throttle how do you know the bike will burnout and not try to go straight or wheelie making the rider look really stupid in front of his chick? does this work better with old hard tires?

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