How to build a custom Harley Davidson motorcycle – ep13p2 Roma Custom Bike

how to build a custom harley dav
how to build a custom harley dav

We can finally assemble the bike and go to Custom Cez’s first bike show.
It hasn’t been easy but we made it!

Part 1:

After the engine’s assembly in this two parts episode we get to put together Custom Cez’s ’91 Harley Davidson Softail motorcycle.

There is no lack of problems and setbacks that, after all, make the whole process more exciting. With the priceless help of Luca “FLATWLA” Vanno, Custom Cez will target all the left over details standing in the way of getting the bike to the bike show in Soratte (in the suburbs of Rome) for this epic event where Roma Custom Bike will attend as a builder for the very first time.

For the occasion the entire crew gets together, Luca Vanno and Janusz “Polsky Rage” Wilczek, with Custom Cez to represent the show!

What did we do?

Creation of speedo driver for tachometer
Front wheel assembly with caliper and brake disk
Front one-sided fender support arm assembly
Front wheel axle installation
Oil tank installation
Powder coated engine support brackets installation
Carburetor manifold installation
Carburetor installation
Oil filter replacement
Drag pipes installation
Battery installation
Bike started
Resolution of problem with push rod leaking oil
Push rod adjustment
Rear tire assembly, brake disk, sprocket with spacer for 200mm tire
Rear wheel installation and adjustment
Rear wheel caliper installation
Brake test

Made in Rome, Italy we take a look at an European approach to modifying and customizing an Harley Davidson with Custom Cez, an amateur customizer in his home shop.

An production, music by FAS.

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  1. A safer way to siphon gas is to use two hoses. One hose goes into the gas and your bottle (must be lower than the tank as usual). The second hose goes into the air space in the top of the tank. Now seal up the tank opening with rubber gloves and or rags, and blow air into that second hose. This will push fuel out that first hose into your bottle. As soon as the gas starts to flow you can stop blowing and normal siphon action will take over…. Unless you really do like the taste 🙂

  2. I can't wait for the tank to be done!!! i screwed it up three times (check on romacustombike-english facebook for day to day updates and photos).
    hopefully i'll get it done on the 4th try 🙂
    for the 9 months i used my wife 350cc scooter…so not the same 🙂

  3. Looking forward to seeing your bike with the finished tank on it. 9 months? Surely you been riding another bike during that time. I wouldn't make it that long without riding.

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