How To Build A Custom Chopper Part 2

How To Build A Custom Chopper Part 2 1


How To Build A Custom Chopper Part 2 Here’s how to build a custom chopper part 2 where you will get 5 minutes of custom motorcycle and custom bike building tips and tricks nodobdy knows about. If you want to build a chopper, bobber, or customize your harley davidson, you will find a few custom bike building nuggets you can use.

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  1. @IRSFRAUDEXPOSED the front rake angle is increased and the frame is stretched a bit and it has longer chopper style forks.

  2. @IRSFRAUDEXPOSED nothing what so ever, the frame isnt made from an' old bike so it cant really be a chopper 🙂

  3. @steveo928 – Its graphite powder mixed into oil. Some people call it Never Seize and does exactly as the name implies.

  4. @GUNDAMZGOK – Make sure everything fits. Nothing like having to cut something off and weld it on somewhere else after you have painted it, then have to paint it again. Its a dry fit, test fit. The parts come off for it to be painted.

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