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  1. i need a little help with my clutch. My lever is so tight. after riding for a little bit my hand is killing me. pulling the clutch lever is hard. how do i loosen the pull so its not so hard?

  2. hey man wanted to know could you make a vid showing how to luve the cabels? i know how to on the clutch. the brake on the right not sure. i know there can be a hole crap load of junk in them that will make it tuff to pull.

  3. what i like to do with that rubber. i spry some wd40 in to it then a zip ti so dirt and water and crap gets in and rust it. i seen then get nasty.

  4. I finished doing this, today, since originally I had only performed the clutch cable tightening; however I was not fully satisfied. I went with the procedure after wanting to spend a little time finding the T-27 Star Bit. $3 @ Home Depot. I can say that the bike's response to shifts is much more deliberate & less time between 'pick-up' (fraction of a second – but being a Full-Throttle type, I can tell). It's not as difficult as one might think, but I would recommend the straight stand. I had about 2-3oz of fluid come out.
    Thanks 2-Wheel

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