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  1. Okay everyone… Let's talk about how Harley owners don't like other bikes…. And then how much better the brand we ride is compared to all other brands

  2. When was this recorded? they didn't even get into the V-Rod. My favorite Harly. Also was that actor the dude that played Lando? He totally sounded like Lando in Return of the Jedi.

  3. Man sucht nach Grundsich als Matt für Maler & Menschlich Gesund bringen ………….. Wegen Verdünnsmitteln schädlich an Menschen & Tieren ………….!

  4. Why's it take them sooo long to get rear shocks??
    Was Indian the same?
    How did it ride with no r. shock? – I know they had the seat shock – Must have reaked havoc with the rest of the bike – 600 pounds, No rear shock?

  5. I'm surprised they discontinued the '48 125cc – THAT would look Pretty Bad Ass, Biker w/ Colors pulling into a bar after a run!!
    30:30 mins

  6. I want a 1993 FXSTC Softail Custom. By the time I get it the way I want it, It will qualify for historical tags

  7. if you really want the history of Harley-Davidson, look at the shop repair record. That junk is in the shop more than it is on the road.
    1. they weigh more than my 1 ton 4 wheel drive with a plow on it.
    3. They leak everywhere .
    4 .40% of the parts aren't even made in America.
    6. maybe they're just slow because they're spinning and all that oil they leak everywhere.

  8. cool video — seems dated and quaint but does instill the one fact that separates The Motor Company — it's that it' THE Motor Company. The original. And there's a lot to be said for that. For some people (not all, or even a majority — but SOME), a brand contributes a lot to their enjoyment of a product, whether it's a Mac over a PC, or a Harley-Davidson over a UJM. i've been shopping for a year now and weighing every possible metric i can think of, and i keep coming back to the Harley-Davidson, and more specifically the touring frame motorcycles. Its allure is not just the brand, its history and cool graphics and merchandise, world-wide network of people who share similar pride of ownership. If those kinds of things are important, including re-sale value (though no other bike feels as heirloom, begging to be kept til the big sleep and only then reluctantly handed down).. don't get me wrong. i'm still shopping. i like the big Yamaha's (i know there should not be an apostrophe but the word looks weird with out), and am intrigued at my advanced age by the DCT that Honda features on some of their cruisers, but i keep coming back .. to Milwaukee

  9. for me harley is legend… and its my dream bike… sound is so cool like heart beat… no need to speed, just feel your ride with style and humble…but everyone watching you with respect… oh harley… its a creation by god to human being for praise….thank you god the almighty

  10. They may not be the fastest, or the most sophisticated, or the most comfortable, or have the best braking, or have good cornering ability, or last as long as the Japanese bikes, but……….wait a minute. Why the hell would anyone buy one?

  11. Meh. Il take my jap bike any day of the week and twice on sunday. When riding a bike I like it to be fast, corner well, stop well, be good on gas and not 30 grand. Respect the history and like the really old harleys. Seem now to be over priced, over weight, and under powered.

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