His date was on the back of his Harley — before the punches flew in a road rage

His date was on the back of his Harley — before the punches flew in a road rage

A Stock Island man who fell off his motorcycle in traffic got up and punched the driver he said cut him off in a fit of road rage, police said.

Devin Kauffman, 30, was arrested and accused of felony hit and run, resisting arrest, and operating a motorcycle without a license. But he was not booked for battery because the victim didn’t want to press charges, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office report.

No serious injuries were reported.

Kauffman was coming home from a date with a woman who was on the back of a Harley-Davidson at about 8 p.m. Tuesday when he moved into the right-turn-only lane at the intersection of northbound U.S. 1 and Cross Street. He was behind a pickup.

The black Toyota Tacoma moved into the right turn lane immediately after the motorcycle did and appeared to side-swipe Kauffman, a witness said. The Monroe Sheriff’s Office, though, said the pickup and motorcycle did not come into contact with one another.

Kauffman laid down the bike and both he and the woman fell off. He then approached the pickup driver, Orlando Rioseco, and punched the truck before punching Rioseco twice in the face through the open driver’s side window, police said.

Kauffman took off the Harley’s license plate and tossed it across Cross Street before he took off running down the road. But deputies tracked him down at his home and later recovered the plate.

Kauffman said the truck cut him off. Rioseco said he was changing lanes and suddenly saw a motorcycle fall over behind him and he stopped to make sure Kauffman was OK.

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