Here Are The Shows Every Motorcycle Enthusiast Should Watch

Over the past decade, bike fans and riders or even casual viewers have seen the growth in number and popularity of motorbike themed TV, cable, or online programs. These shows range from the real-life creation of choppers, documentaries bike riding adventures, to the life of fictional biker gangs.

Shows about motorcycles have some of the best production values, storylines, plots, and characters and as a result, the viewership and fanbase of these shows number in the millions and have constantly ranked high in the ratings.

Regardless of whether the show is based on real-life or fabricated fiction, the fun, adventure, and freedom of riding a motorbike is reflected in these shows, giving both riders and non-riders a front-row seat to why riding a motorbike is awesome. Here are the shows every motorcycle enthusiast should watch.

15 Nitro Circus

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Produced and starring legendary daredevil Travis Pastrana create and perform weekly outrageous and death-defying stunts. Helping along or part of the performances themselves are his fellow extreme athletes/bikers that jack up the adrenaline level of this show to the max.

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14 The Motorbike Show

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There is something special in seeing old, classic motorbikes being restored to their former glory and having them run again, not in a kid gloved kind of way, but actually burning rubber and taking them redline. Host Henry Cole is well suited for his role as a fan, curator, and bike expert, giving an informative and fun way to learn and appreciate bikes.

13 Biker Build-Off

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Reality TV isn’t always about partying teens or following celebrity families around. Biker Build-Off is a great show that pits two custom bike builders against each other to see who can make the best looking, sounding, and performing bike. Though off the air for some time now, the show still has many fans and its episodes are still available as reruns.

12 Mayans MC

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A spinoff show from the epic Sons of Anarchy, Mayans MC features “EZ” Reyes, a prospect of the titular motorcycle club. Filled with action drama and more drama arising from troubles with family, the law, and fellow bikers, Mayans MC is a gritty look into the world of motorcycle gang life and the struggles of being a part of it.

11 Long Way Round

Via Motorcyclenerd

Obi-Wan on a bike! Or more specifically on a BMW R1150GS. The Long Way Round was the first in a series of documentaries featuring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, which in this one, they travel from London to New York on Motorcycles, going eastward crossing Europe then Asia. This is a great series worth watching for the bikes and scenery.

10 The Hairy Bikers


Combining motorcycles and food in a TV show is a good idea, but as hosts Si King and David Myers add fun and humor to the program, it becomes brilliant. With their gorgeous bikes and the delicious food featured, this is one show that doesn’t get old and the viewer ends up wanting more.

9 American Chopper

Via AsphaltandRubber

The Teutuls, Paul Sr., Paul Jr., and Michael are a family of master craftsmen, building gorgeous custom motorcycles that are filmed for the show American Chopper. Being a family business, the normal conflicts, drama, and intrigue are part of what makes the program more lively, a fact appreciated by the fans of the show.

8 The Devils Ride

Via Rollingstone

A classic program about motorcycle clubs, the Devils Ride is a close look into what a club is, how it affects the lives of its members and their families. Filled with tension and action, The bikers’ code of loyalty and honor are examined and how hierarchy and power are both earned or taken. This is a gritty and fictional show worth a look.

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7 What’s In The Barn

Via Motortrend

Host Dave Walksler takes the audience on a tour of the US to discover what’s hidden, stored o forgotten in several barns in the country. While not every episode has a stupendous find, the journey to each state & barn makes up half the fun, with the other half, being the interaction Dave has with the people he meets.

6 Biker Battleground

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Even though it’s a staged, scripted reality TV series, the over the top emotions, reactions and drama by the cats of characters in Biker Battleground make it more like popcorn fare than anything to be taken seriously. Cheesy, hammy, and predictable, but all in all, good fun.

5 Shed And Buried

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Barn finds, or finding a (motorcycles/vehicles) gem hidden in a storage area or shed, is the theme of this show. It’s the thrill of discovering something and learning its value or significance and is what makes this show fun to watch. Highlights of some episodes include finding very early Ducatis and Nortons.

4 Harley And The Davidsons

Via Motorbikewriter

While not a hundred percent accurate, Harley and the Davidsons is a dramatized look at the origins, challenges, and triumphs of the Harley-Davidson founders. For those that are fans of historical flicks or historical bikes, this is a show that must not be missed.

3 Throttle Out

Via Motortrend

Two friends on their two bikes. Ari Henning and Zack Courts are the hosts/adventurers for Throttle out, a show that features their journeys, exploring the world as a team and showcasing the fun life while riding bikes.

2 World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides

Via Sky

Another show featuring Henry Cole, only this time, he travels the world to show beautiful locations, their people, culture, and the road going there while on his bike. A travelogue that uses great cinematography and camera work, this is a great way to explore new sights while at the comfort of your home.

1 Sons Of Anarchy

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Jax Teller a fictional name made famous as the lead character in Sons of Anarchy. Played by Charlie Hunnam, the program follows the life of the members of the biker club and explores their lives in context with their relationships, struggles, businesses both legal and illegal. This was one of the best shows at the time, beating out FX other top shows like The Shield and Nip Tuck. This is definitely a must-watch.

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