Here Are The Rules Every Harley-Davidson Employee Must Follow

In 1901, William S. Harley made a drawing of a motor that could fit into a motorcycle. Two years later he and his close friend Arthur Davidson started working on a first motorcycle. Back then, they worked in a shed in Milwaukee, and they scrawled “Harley-Davidson Motor Company” on the door. This was the first step for a huge triumph. In 1903, Arthur Davidson’s brother, Walter Davidson, joined the little group to help build bikes.

The company is here today because three people made the right decision and took it along the right path. Nowadays, Harley-Davidson continues to produce products that customers love. To make sure they meet customer expectations, the company provides time-tested ways to guide the actions of its employees and members of the Board of Directors. They call it “Everyday Values: The Harley-Davidson Code of Business Conduct.” Here are the rules every Harley-Davidson employee must follow.

15 Protecting The Company’s Reputation

Every employee must protect the company’s reputation and make sure their actions don’t compromise on Harley-Davidson’s success. The brand encourages workers to raise compliance-related issues, especially when it involves a co-worker. Employees must report the potential violation of the Code of Conduct, which includes submitting information about activities that conflict with the Code.

14 Be A Part Of The Union

For a long time, Harley-Davidson’s unionized employees could keep a good relationship with fellow employees and management. However, in 2017 the company ended an agreement between the brand and the unions. Still, unionized people can be a part of the company and work even harder to continue its legacy.

13 Wearing Proper T-Shirts

Some people believe that the company makes more money on selling merchandise than bikes. Whether it’s true or not, they make quite a lot of their branding on t-shirts. Harley-Davidson employees have to proudly wear a t-shirt with a company logo. These t-shirts are on sale cheap in a company store.

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12 Using The Patents And Trademarks

All employees have to properly use the patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets owned by the company. They have to follow strict rules that apply to designs and software use. Workers can’t use company-owned software on a different computer. They have to get authorization to use music not owned by Harley-Davidson.

11 No Unauthorized Comments

The Code states that “As exciting as it may be to talk about the Harley-Davidson experience—particularly since you have a role in creating it— don’t put yourself or Harley-Davidson at risk through unauthorized comments to the media, investors or others. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.”

10 Insider Trading

Harley-Davidson is a billion-dollar, publicly-traded company that has to ensure that all employees follow all federal and international regulations regarding fair disclosure and insider trading of information. The Code of Conduct states that non-public information can’t be revealed to third parties with the intent to purchase company stock. Penalties include criminal prosecution.

9 Respecting Privacy Of Other Employees

Employees have access to personal information, and they must use it for business purposes only. They shouldn’t share it with other people without consulting the Company’s Data Privacy Office. Employees shouldn’t think that the rest of the world has the same laws as the US and shouldn’t share any info with international partners.

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8 Protecting The Company’s Integrity

According to the Code, “We have a Records Management Policy and records retention schedules available on the Company intranet that you must follow to determine what records to keep and for how long. To protect the company’s reputation for integrity, all employees need to ensure our records and transactions are accurate and verifiable.”

7 Receiving Gifts

For a huge production company such as Harley-Davidson, there are many suppliers that rely on this business. The company buys tons of raw materials and finished parts, as well as sundry goods, advertising and information technology, to name a few. Therefore, employees can’t receive gifts or services from third parties.

6 Making Proper Business Decisions

Employees must make business decisions that are in line with the interests of Harley-Davidson. They should avoid any situation that conflicts with the company’s interests or could compromise an employee’s ability to act in the best interests of the company. Workers are encouraged to disclose a potential conflict of interest.

5 Respecting Old Technology

While other companies embrace new technologies, Harley-Davidson encourages to ignore the progress. The company states that their strategic pillars are sustainability and constant improvement of proven production methods. That’s why most of their bikes have traditional elements, such as a V-twin rumble. However, even Harley-Davidson is looking towards electrification as the next step forward.

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4 Using Company Property

According to the Code, “Unless specifically allowed by our policies (such as the Electronic Communications Policy), company property, including items discarded by Harley-Davidson (“scrap”), may not be taken or used for personal benefit. As an employee, you have a responsibility to protect Harley-Davidson assets by using them appropriately and preventing waste and theft.”

3 Employees Must Learn The Company History

Harley-Davidson Bangkok

Harley-Davidson is a company with a long history spanning more than 110 years. The company says that they remember the founders and value their work. According to the Code of Conduct, employees must acknowledge that the past is the foundation of the company’s success. They should know the Harley-Davidson history by heart.

2 Agreeing To Share Personal Information

Employees must agree to provide personal information to Harley-Davidson so that the company can use it to process violations. This data can be shared with supervisors and personnel located in countries that don’t offer the same level of protection of personal information as the US. The company promises to keep this information safe.

1 Riding Motorcycles

It’s common practice for motorcycle companies to give benefits to employees who drive their products. Harley-Davidson has special parking places close to the entrance for workers riding their bikes to work. This is a little sign of appreciation for supporting the company. Harley-Davidson says this is one of the ways they connect with employees.

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