HELP..2012 Harley Davidson sportster 1200 custom.

help 2012 harley davidson sports
help 2012 harley davidson sports

Not sure if this is normal it has done it the whole time I have owned it kinda has a pause I push the start button and it pauses but them fires has some custom parts just wondering if anyone has any insight………also shakes quite a bit at a stop in neutral….. Having just come from a triumph speed fourto a 2015 Harley Street (500 was way to slow for me) took it back and swapped it for this bike never owned a legit Harley so be easy on me

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  1. Cv he'll your battery cables make sure there right. Sometimes they will loosen up from the vibrations. And if it's hot it'll do that sometimes also. Check the possitive terminal that goes to the starter.Just make sure there right as you can get them. I know I got to tighten mine every now and then. Good luck nice clean bike bro.

  2. Your battery is a little weak, mine does that too but always starts ok, Maybe you should get the battery tested. Love your bike! By the way, Vance and HInes makes a "quiet" baffle for those mufflers. They take some of the bark out without destroying the sound or performance.

  3. This is absolutely normal as Wayne Sams stated. I have the same 2012 Harley Davidson Sportster custom 1200. Mine is exactly the same and I never thought there was anything wrong. Slight delay when the starter kicks in. I guess thanks for confirming there isn't anything wrong with mine not that I thought there was anything wrong to begin with 🙂 I've got Vance and Hines exhaust as well. I'll post a video soon on youtube.

  4. make sure you use die electric grease on all your fuses and keep them well maintained. when that bike gets wet all the water from the tank drips into the fuse box ( starter problems )

  5. replace both of the relays in your fuse panel and give your battery a full charge. trust me i battled this problem for months!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. must say so far I love this bike compared to the rockets I started on while in the service……only thing I've noticed is its rough here in FL to find a group to ride with where as sport bike riders tend to be a easier group to find

  7. my 2009 sportster does it every time I start it. I was concerned at first as well until I looked it up online and found that many people say it is normal. mine has been doing that for a few years now and still starts up. I love the sportster 1200. enjoy

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