Harley WLA 45 Solo, 42WLA Liberator Military Motorcycle Restoration Time Lapse Assembly in 36 hours

harley wla 45 solo 42wla liberat
harley wla 45 solo 42wla liberat

WLA 45 Solo, 42WLA Liberator Military Motorcycle Restoration.

This Harley-Davidson, 42WLA, Model VII motorcycle was restored back to it’s factory state as it was in 1945. On its way to Russia, Victory in Europe happened, sold as surplus, It was found in a chicken coop in Montana in 1993, not able to run, missing many parts and in desperate need of help. Rescued from the coop, the motorcycle was put in storage. Then in January of 2009 restoration began, as each part was restored, placed in a box and stored once again, 3 speed tranny and 45 cu. in. engine rebuilt.until all the parts were finished . Then in June of 2012 the motorcycle was assembled in a 36 hour time period. Watch the time lapse video as it goes together.

WLA motor overhaul
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  1. "Whyee  meee ?"    So you can pass on some of Keenan's "intuitive" teaching techniques to your boys  .

  2. Sorry I'm a bit late but your comment on my WLA bikes + siren vid was treated as ,,spam'' , but now i know what you meant to say.

  3. Hey I know it's been a while, but go to facebook: WLA across USA please and like us, we are such a good cause:)

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