Harley Wheelie Crashes 2017 💀 Dyna, Sportster, Custom Choppers

Harley Wheelie Crashes 2017 💀 Dyna, Sportster, Custom Choppers

Awesome montage of some crazy Harley Davidson crashes.

Some of these are older than 2017 and some are not ‘wheelie’ crashes, but still crashes and I’m sure you’d like to watch it anyway. No bullshit, no long slowmotion drags.

Thanks to all the awesome riders in the video. If you wish to share a clip, please send me a message on Youtube.

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  1. The laws need to be changed so that if u are under 21 a 400cc bike is the biggest bike u can ride… Kids need to grow up mentally before they can be trusted with so much horsepower. Maybe by 21 they will be able to handle the responsibility.? Maybe?????

  2. Hedburg revisited: I used to be a clueless motorcycle rider. I'm still a clueless motorcycle rider, but I used to be one too . . .

  3. the one with the corvette is just sad. Dudes got an empty lane, an empty shoulder, and like 1,000 feet of nothing on either side… chooses to try to outbrake the car that's directly in front of him. Fucking. IDIOT.

  4. To the guys doing this in parking lots good for your that's the only this stupid shit should be done. To the fucking morons doing this shit on the roads I hope your death is swift and painless. Actions have consequences. To the guys that had accidents…Shit happens and it sucks.

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