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I love anything to do with Harley Davidson and have two beautiful children and a beautiful partner. In my spare time i like building websites and love anything to do with the internet.


  1. Even If I tried at my best…I just can't imagine something uglier than a trike, no matter the make..

  2. can Harley trikes be adapted for those of us with next to no leg use? i can just about move my legs but cant stand (got spina bifida) and are their any solutions for wheelchar stowage on them?

    I cant think of a single thing that sounds like a Harley. i live on a busy main road, cars n stuff up and down all day and night, but i can always tell when a Harley just drove past

  3. Hi, l didnt make it, but l do know that a Yamaha XS1100 bevel unit was used to convert the chain to shaft….

  4. I was gonna get this trike for myself but couldnt get out of my wheelchair and up onto the trike…too high !!! Sticking with my V8 for now….

  5. VERY NEAT and Very Well Done…. I prefer a lower trike with the glide front and the servicar stance but this is nice… I could turn it into what I want… Nice Job Man

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