Harley Sportster Iron Custom Bobber ¦ Modification Tuning Walkaround ¦ Chopped Rear Fender ¦ HD

Harley Sportster Iron Custom Bobber ¦ Modification Tuning Walkaround ¦ Chopped Rear Fender ¦ HD

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Gear Corner kindly presents a 5 minutes video of pure Harley Davidson sportster feeling using a modified and tuned custom iron 883 bobber.

It contains a very profound and detailed before and after walkaround where all the modified and mounted parts are described with their article numbers.

There is also an extended test ride up in the Swiss mountains highlighted by a sunny day and great background music.

The mods made on the bike:

– Chopped rear fender
– Shorten the original fender struts
– Used an original forty eight seat saddled it with brown leather
– Analog oil thermometer
– Kellermann micro 1000DF turn signals
– Air breather intake screaming Eagle
– Remus tapered exhaust
– Front spoiler vivid black
– Drag bar Fehling
– Tank lift 2”
– Diamond black grips
– Belt cover removal
– Side license plate holder
– Progressive suspension 12” burley
– Ignition coil relocation
– Short ignition wires
– Reflector and bellows removal
– Solo bag La Rosa
– Painted side stand
– Derby cover
– Willie G Skull tank emblem
– Head light visor / head light fairing painted denim black
– Fork cover black
– Turn signal relocation kit
– Smoked lens covers
– Forward controls
– Flipped mirrors
– Foot pegs with wear tip

Hope you enjoy!

Gear Corner präsentiert ein 5 Minuten Video puren Harley Davidson Sportster Feelings. Dafür zur Verfügung stand ein Harley Iron 883 Bobber mit diversen Modifikationen und Auspuff Tuning, schönstes Spätsommerwetter und eine tolle Bergstrasse in Wildhaus (Schweiz)

Das Video beinhaltet zudem einen detaillierten Walkaround mit Detail jedes einzeln verbauten Zubehörteils, dessen Artikel und Seriennummer.

Folgende Anbauteile wurden an dem Motorrad verbaut:

– gekürzter Hinterradfender
– gekürzte Fenderhalter / Fenderstreben
– original fortyeight Sattel mit speziellem Lederbezug in braun
– Analoges Öl Thermometer
– Kellermann micro 1000DF Blinker
– Screaming Eagle Luftfilter und Einlass
– Remus tapered Auspuff
– Front spoiler schwarz
– Lenker von Fehling
– Tank lift 2”
– Diamond black Griffe
– Riemenschutz entfernt
– Seitlicher Kennzeichenhalter
– Progressive Stossdämpfer hinten 12“
– Zündschloss versetzt
– Kurze Zündkabel
– Reflektoren und Bälge entfernt
– Seitentasche von La Rosa
– Lackierter Seitenständer
– Derby cover
– Willie G Skull Tankemblem
– Frontlicht Verkleidung Scheinwerfer Visier
– Blinker versetzt
– Getönte Blinker Covers
– Vorverlegte Fussrasten
– Versetzte Rückspiegel um 180°
– Fussrasten

Ich hoffe euch gefällt das Video!
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  1. Amazing build. And what a soundtrack!!! Could listen to that song all day long. One of the best bike build/ride videos out there!

  2. Are u aloud not to have tail lights? I saw that u did the fender delete but u also removed the tail lights is that legal? Cuz that's what I wanna do to my iron

  3. Is it possible to put back the rear seat after chopping the rear fender frames ? if we wanna go back? Plz answer

  4. Salut! Würi gärn frage was echt es guet moto wär füre ahfang.. Ich wott ebe gli d prüefig mache und weiss noni obi mit minere grössi öppis gfinde ohni dassi wie en trottel höcke müessd (be ca. 188-190cm). Danke schomol fürd antwort!

  5. I have an 83 1000cc Ironhead Anniversary Edition Looking to eliminate the tank mounted ignition switch because I have had nothing but issues with it since I got the damn thing. I'm sure it didn't help that some knucklehead had a cheap 3 point boat ignition switch in the place a real switch was. but my question is can I just hook up a toggle off the existing limiter and fuse that would be in place for the ignition or do I put a line fuse in as well?
    thanks for the feed back.

  6. Hi ! do you have some explanations about the rear fender shortening you did ? I'm really looking to do this mod, but i'm a bit scared of cutting it down !
    Greetings from west Switzerland 😉


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