Harley Sportster 48 200 Wide Tyre Conversion – FINISHED

Harley Sportster 48 200 Wide Tyre Conversion - FINISHED

So Here it is guys! The 200 Wheel conversion on my Harley Davidson Sportster 48 is complete. Really happy with the results and I cannot wait to take this on as many group rides as possible

This vlog takes you through the reveal of the sporty, the summary of the work, the cost of doing a 200 conversion at RB Kustoms and finally the test review!

Special thanks to everyone supporting the channel, really appreciate it.

If you have any detailed questions on the 200 conversion please feel free to contact Russ at RB Kustoms on ;

Web site – http://rbkustoms.com
E-mail for Russ – [email protected]

Music by Brave Yesterday – Song played Time is a colour. Please visit the band on their Facebook and Twitter, thanks Shaun for letting me play your music!

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  1. Guys apologies for the sound (up's and down's), unfortunately I edited late at night and I didn't proof listen fully to the post production edit. Hopefully you all still enjoyed the final episode of the 200 rear wheel series.

    Thanks for the support (and understanding on this vlog)

  2. new sportsters has too much of a horizontal frame under the seat to create a bobber, it would be better if it was angled down more to give that classic bobber look

  3. Hi, did you post the suppliers list? What and where did you get the chain conversion more the front sprocket, is it offset? Thanks Neil

  4. great build i got a few question you may have already gotten. First off what kind of lights are those (rear lights and Turn signals.) ? secondly how did you get them on the swing arm? and lastly product description?

  5. Extremely good job in the building and the showcase. I don't have the ability to do anything like this as I commute to work and touring throughout my country towns.

  6. love the conversion on your bike, what the rear light that you use and front turn signal light? thanks

  7. y chopped off fender rails? u didn't had to when doing a phat 200 Check out mine how i did my phat 200 youll like it

  8. I am amazed at the sense of joy you have. In America where these bikes are plentiful, these are the choice for low income riders. I am not a person who cares what others think, but these bikes are frowned on by many a big twin rider. It only matters what you think and I like the finished product. Keep on rocking and feeling the breeze.

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