Harley Forty Eight 48 Vance Shortshots Joker Machine

Harley Forty Eight 48 Vance Shortshots Joker Machine

Harley Forty Eight with wraped vance shortshots, joker machine aircleaner, 3in1 kellermann micro df, solo seat le pera bare bones, progressive 412 and custom paint
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  1. Hi Sabes06, I have a question…. Could you let me know the size (large)  of the wrap used to cover the exhaust??? thank you

  2. CrudeDude, your such a f-ing loser.  You are  apparently obsessed with posting the same crap on every sportster video I've seen.  Get a life man.

  3. Thank you so much !! And I'm interesting about front turn signal light bracket … Please, give me some key words for google. Thank you!!!!

  4. Yes of course, it's 3 in 1 turnsignal with same function like oem turnsignals.
    You need a pair of Kellermann Micro 1000 DF Dark (3 in 1)
    And baldans equalizer.
    Sorry youtube does not allow to post links, but you can easily source it on google.

  5. Sooo baaaaddd !! I decide to get forty-eight and custom like your's . I have a question one more thing ,,, where did you get turn signal light stay ?? If you know URL , please let me know … Thank you !!!!

  6. awesome !!

    dose those kellerman needs effecter ?
    if it's need, what kind ?

    have you done transfer tunings for air filter & pips ?

    your forty eight is bad ass !!!

  7. That joke is so old and i see it on every video….how bout you stop trying to be like every one else and thinkmof your own joke buddy…..nice bike bro

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