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  1. Yeah yeah.
    Yadda Yadda Yadda.
    1. "… what our customers are asking for."
    OMG. What could customers ask for? Customers, who are really interested in riding their bike further than to the next "Starbucks" or "Hells Angels Club" to show off, want FREEDOM. The word freedom also means, that they can ride longer than just 1 hour and then have to wait for 5-8 hours to charge their battery to get home again.
    2. "What a dumb bitch…."? That lady is not as dumb as some people here might think. In fact it could be possible to install a sound modul on an electric Harley, that sounds like the rumble of a real engine. Just to make some bikers happy. So, the question is not as stupid as the comments about it.
    3. As soon as these bikes are for sale, they will become a toy for some damned rich guys, who don't know, where to waste their money first. Regular people will probably not get the chance to buy one, unless they sell grandma's cottage or save money wherever they can.
    4. "…. there isn't a proper, cool electric motorcycle today…". Hey hey. There are already serious E-motorbikes on the market and also some really cool ones and also some proper ones, such as "Lightning LS218". So they don't need to think, that Harley will build the one and only decent and proper E-motorbike on this planet. NOW Harley just wants to get a piece of this big cake. That's it.

    As long as there can be made money with real engines, and as long as there is enough oil available, these environmental friendly vehicles get no real chance on any market at all.

  2. a year on from when i first saw this video and they are now doing "focus groups" that are being attended by "enthusiasts" lol. you know this is a greenie wet dream project when they refer to potential harley owners as "enthusiasts". and unless the focus groups were held at a bar somewhere, what was the point. by all means make an electric bike if you must, but calling it a harley and carrying on like this is an insult to harley davidson brand and everything it has stood the test of time for.

  3. Talk about not knowing your customer base!  What were they thinking?  Do they expect us to use clothes pins to hold playing cards in the wheel spokes like we did when we were kids?  If they wanted to do something different, why not bring back the HD motorscooter, which they stopped making in the early 60's. 

  4. Usually not a harley-guy at all, but this one looks stunning. I'm not buying an electric bike until the range becomes comparable to a gas bike, though. Still waiting for dem graphene supercapacitors 😀

  5. If they really want this to be accepted by the Harley community the manufacturers are going to need to add a few things.
    1: A second motor that the rider can activate while at a stoplight that makes an excessive amount of fake engine noise so that he can passive agressively piss off everyone around him while at the same time let the entire world know that he's on a Harley.
    2: A third motor that simply shakes the living shit out of the bike to the point where parts fall off while he's driving down the highway. (To give that authentic Harley "feel")
    3. An over-the-top sticker price that in no way reflects the true value of the bike so Harley fans can still experiance that "I've been gouged but would never dare admit openly that I've been raped" feeling.
    If Harley fails to do the aforementioned suggestions……. I'd be the first to buy one!

  6. "We don't think there's a proper, cool, electric motorcycle out there today."  Guess he's never seen a current-gen Zero S….

  7. Kudos to Harley for thinking in the future.  They're usually last to change strategies…this is refreshing. Can't wait to ride one.  Please bring it to S. Florida and put me on the test list! (I want it next to my Tesla..)

  8. I'm starting to love Harley.
    I will charge with my PV or with an urea fuel cell.
    Next step are batteries that will recharge with liquids anolite. Like gasoline but its reusable again and again. Volvo is developing it.

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