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  1. Just an FYI.  Harley Davidson is no longer the American Made in the USA product.  They have outsourced a lot of jobs and the plant in KC has gotten rid of almost all of the original HD employee's.  There is not a worker there that will tell you that they are happy or proud to work at HD.  The rag heads have taken over.

  2. In St Barthelemy Caraibeans we are 9000 inhabitants and 60 of them own a Harley Davidson, mine is a FXR 1986 ! We love Harley in St Barth

  3. Thanks Harley Davidson for keeping Americas job home. I hope these greedy bastards that take Americas job to foreign countries will learn from you all.

  4. I want a Harley, but not one of these new ones there shit. An old 60s engine and ill do the rest, gotta love that old slow thump, it gives me a hard on just thinking about it!…… Although I do quite like the look of the new breakout haha

  5. most employees at the york plant dont ride harleys lol imports and victorys from what my buddy told me who works there

  6. Ooooow, they are so pride and they wanna make things better….., but forgot one simple thing; to give their hardworking employees a decent working suit. 🙂 😉 I hear 'the Toyota way' echoing……. :)

  7. Nutmegger1957, I have a question: Is there any part in this video where they make the claim that Harleys are 100% all American? I did not hear them say that.

  8. I Visited this facility in 2013 for technical support. (Company I'd worked for built the Orange Carts that haul the Bike Chassis around the assembly plant). Quite an impressive operation they have!

  9. Having American employees, making an American product, is one thing……but let's get real about what's "American" and what's NOT.  What's the latest facts sheet about the components that go into a HD?  What percentage of these parts are foreign made?  Let's not make the mistake of saying that the HD is an "all American" bike, because it truly isn't.  Made here? Yes.  Good people?  Absolutely!  Great Bike?  Absolutely!! But not with 100% "American" parts, is all I'm saying.

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