Harley Davidson V-ROD Review at RevZilla.com

Harley Davidson V-ROD Review at RevZilla.com

Harley Davidson V-Rod Review

If you were to close your eyes and say to yourself, “self, envision a Harley Davidson”, the VRod Muscle would probably not be the first thing that came to mind. Nor should it be. It’s different. It’s edgy. It is a lot of things that the most prolific motorcycle maker in the world didn’t do for a great many years — and that is what makes it so exciting!

With the VRod Muscle, Harley Davidson has taken the full dive into a relatively new world of the power cruiser. In this in-depth review by our resident wrench-master and Harley guru Lemmy, the VRod gets a thorough rundown so that you can have a better understanding of one of the most unique motorcycles on the road.
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  1. Brother, nice job. Such a thorough review that now I feel way better informed on this bike. Also, the posture seems a bit undesirable. But damn it, it looks great and the performance is there plus it fits my personality like a glove.

    Brother, keep the great reviews coming!

  2. Love your reviews Revzilla. I signed up with your website yesterday and look forward to buying my first set of gear from you guys. Thanks and ride safe.

  3. Bought a new '16 Muscle back in June. I absolutely LOVE the bike. Rock solid, head turner, faster than necessary! V Rod is the best bike ever made by H-D in my opinion. So needless to say I'm devastated that H-D is discontinuing V-Rod after next month (Oct. 2016). I know in a few years or so when I want a new and/or improved one, they won't be there :(.

  4. totally awesome vid, thanks so much for including my ride on your show, most tradionalists, don't understand why I love my bike so much, it's a blast to ride,!! even in the rain, snow, I ride, people keep saying, you can't ride that, it's raining, my answer, it was born in Milwaukee wisconsin, it can handle it, thanks again

  5. Lemmy please share your knowledge of engines and do a series of motorbike engine/parts explanations and how they work and interact with the other parts. love your videos btw. keep up the good stuff

  6. Hi all,

    I have heard a rumors that HD will want to finish production V ROD family this year, I mean 2017. Do you think is it true ? And why ?
    BTW: great review ! 🙂
    many thanks for your opinion

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